Uhm, "surfing on the web", I found out people love to decorate their kitchens to make them more festive in the holidays. To be honest, we just decorate the living room, the front door and our bedrooms. But the kitchen?

However, how could you make it more festive? Well, festive comes from the latin word for parties, so if you feel like celebrating in your kitchen, it is more festive already.

I’m about to share a little win I had a few days ago. I wanted to have a blender of my own, because the other ones are always in parts around the house. It’s so funny but this is a very latin thing. Even though we have 3 blenders, there never seems to be 1 complete one, or the vase is broken or the motor doesn’t work or the pieces are all around… and I really wanted to have one for me, for my after-workouts-shakes or to make pancakes (seriously) or to make a little bit of salsa.

Since I’m working on my portions, I thought a small one would be perfect. Plus, it’ll be cheaper. And I found this $22USD Hamilton Beach blender at a local mall. It’s just what I was wishing for. It is small for my portions, just 600mL, it is perfect for my shakes, salsas and pancakes… plus, if I wanted to go out, which I’m not, but if I wanted to, it has an extra lid to take my shake with me.

Does a new blender make me happy? Oh, no, that’d be too shallow. What makes me happy is the fact that I’m closer to what I want in life. I wanted to have a machine that’d allow me to make food quickly. After a workout, the least thing that I want to do is figure out where all the blender pieces and ingredients to make me a banana shake are. I just want to breathe, take off the sweat, take a shower and drink something cold. That’s it.

And now I have this small blender that helps me to eat quickly and protects my portions, too. That is something to celebrate for me. Therefore, yes, my kitchen is festive.

Best wishes.


Katherine Montero.

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