A few days ago, I released a short called Blogging sites like Medium and I was blown away by the attention it got.

It’s interesting how almost all the bloggers I’ve known for years have abandoned their blogs but new people see something in blogging and they want to try it right away. I’m happy about that and I can understand why you’re looking for Medium alternatives.

Medium is a clean, free, well positioned platform with earning potential (if you live in the right country, that is). But the way to get access to an audience is very limited and the platform is so crowded that a new blogger will have a difficult time trying to grow there.

That being said, I have two alternatives for blogging sites like Medium, that are just as clean, free, well positioned with earning potential that I think you’d love to try!

The first alternative is WordPress, of course. I’ve been here since 2008, the clean themes make me fall in love since then, I haven’t paid a cent in hosting (but I got my domain for $18USD/year which is totally acceptable), and it is a well positioned platform since +40% of the Internet uses it.

The second alternative is Tumblr. It is more of a light blogging and sharing platform, you are not expected to write the longest posts or just your content. If you’re just getting started, seeing a lot of movement with short posts might be the best fit for you. Plus, it has been acquired by WordPress, and that means, Tumblr is no longer in danger of dying.

I guess there are a lot more blogging sites like Medium, but these two are the ones that I have tried and that I can give you a recommendation.

Best wishes.


Katherine Montero.

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