Here comes a story that I never shared with you about my shampoo store and bike riding.

The reason I started selling shampoo was because I wanted to generate income while I was studying my career. The reason I started riding a bike to the University was because 3 people tried to force me to gave my belongings to them in a public transportation.

I stopped trying to sell shampoo to new people. I just ended up selling refills to people whom had bought me before, because I knew I was safe. I almost finished the product. I’m currently finishing my last gallon of almond oil shampoo.

However, I kept riding bike for more days to come.

I liked how I was arriving to places in less than a half hour. I also liked how my breathing was getting to normal, again. I felt less scared to drive a bike in the city than taking public transportation and finding those 3 people, again. I liked how good it felt to go down a slope in the streets. I liked how people in their cars helped me to pass certain streets because they knew I was going too slow compared to them. I liked how certain people salute me in the streets for no reason more than being polite. I liked how a few people saw me sweating and offered me water.

Bike riding was an amazing experience.

I understood people in my city is actually really educated, polite and wonderful.

And it helped me to regain my confidence and strength while moving to the places I needed to attend. My shampoo store had to close, but God doesn’t close a door without opening a new one.