This is the level of water after a huge rain in the coast. It’s 1.9m up from the foundation of the wall.

Since we’re near the coast, the rain is huge but the water that the river carries is also huge and when the level of the ocean goes up, rainwater and river water doesn’t have where to go, because the ocean is pushing all of the water back.

Knowing the water level is so important when doing a soil study but also very important to know where your new surface must be in the project and how your hydraulic system must work underground.

We’re going up the 1.9m. We’re still studying the hydraulic system and making sure the slopes of the project are bigger than 1%. It took us 3 months to get to the point we were the night before the rain appeared.

However, dealing with this scene has made us wiser in terms of constructions near the beach and rivers.