Not gonna lie. I was really excited to share with you these pieces I bought a few days ago thinking it will be great to use them at the gym (which they are). These pieces are great for training, their performance is amazing in terms of quick dry, breathable fabric, lightweight fabric, great design that enhances your natural body, feminine and solid colours.

However, it seems that these pieces can ALSO be used outside of the gym and that’s when I actually got more excited. This is a huge deal, because when you kinda use gym clothes outside of the gym, you can look a little bit out of place. But these pieces can actually be worn outside and be doble purpose. And that’s when I knew, you definitely needed to know this.

I think the trick is that the pieces don’t have patterns, they are solid coloured and that makes it easier to match with other pieces that you might have. But the other one is that the design hugs your body in the best possible way that it’s easier for you to pair it with other piece in your wardrobe that does the same thing. And feel stylish, cute, feminine and playful at the same time.

I know that the photos speak for themselves, but just in case you want to watch the unboxing I did for the pieces, you can catch with that over here. You can definitely find pieces like this on your own, but if the pieces I showed you, are the pieces that will add that spark to your wardrobe, you can find them here.