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Monetize your WordPress blog with Gutenberg blocks.

Not my favorite option but here is AN option I’ve found to monetize your WordPress blog with GUtenberg blocks and WordAds in a respectful way for you, your audience and the platform.

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Monetiza tu blog en WordPress con los bloques de Gutenberg.

Hoy te cuento sobre una opción para monetizar tu blog alojado en WordPress utilizando el nuevo editor: Gutenberg, sus bloques y el programa de anuncios nativo: WordAds.

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50 frases interesantes de los libros que leí en 2018.

¡Finalmente puedo compartirte las 50 frases interesantes de los libros que leí en 2018! No, ese no es un typo. Siempre* comparto en el año presente las 50 frases interesantes del año anterior. Lo único que me ocurrió hoy es que estoy compartiendo en los últimos meses del año. 😦 Todo tiene una explicación. O […]

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What is the best software to use for an online blog?

Today I’ll share the best 2 platforms to create an online blog! Both are free, clean and will push your content to more people! And you can go pro on both and buy your domain if you want to. Just in case you were wondering, I use WordPress for blogging ( That is an affiliate […]

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Why do bloggers create personal websites instead of using ready made platforms?

After years of observation, I noticed bloggers who only had the desire to publish their thoughts, often started their blogs from scratch instead of using a ready-made platform. Why? Well, I found 2 main reasons. New bloggers ask for help to the most tech-savvy person they know. And most of the time the most tech-savvy […]