Milestones that made me happy this June 2018.

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I’m still waiting for a grade to be published but I’m out of the semester, now! ❤ This was the most dreading semester ever but, at the same time, having survived it feels so rewarding! I’ve been studying since August ’17 non-stop and I really needed a time off to restart myself. I’m trying to wake up early but without the need of an alarm, I’m cultivating myself in things that are not University related but I’m working every day and also, I’m taking care of myself, specially, of my eye condition.

I had a surgery on June. Funny thing is, I went to the ophthalmologist because I wanted a general review. In that review, she found some dangerous capsules in my eyes that needed to me taken out immediately, or else I would die (her actual words). I was so scared because I have never had a surgery of any kind before. I was alone. My battery was at 3%, I couldn’t even talk to my family and tell them what was going on.

I went to the waiting room and thank God, one of my friends reached me to ask what was going on and he took care of telling my family what was happening. I received a call to the doctor’s office from my family and everything about my transportation home after  the surgery was ready.

So, I went in the surgery room by myself and I was so nervous. The doctor injected me painkiller and then started working. I got really worried when he was scared to see what my eye had. But more than worried, I was sad. I was sad to myself. Because I always thought it was a matter of sleeping more and rest and don’t be in front of the computer that much time, but it seems I had a big infection in both of my eyelids and those capsules in my right eye. I was sad because I misunderstood all those symptoms and thought that “sleeping later” will take care of it.

After a lot of time (I didn’t even have my phone to see how long it took the operation), I looked like a pirate, went to the pharmacy to buy my medicine and went home to thank God for His Mercy and to sleep.

I started taking the pills and putting the drops and being very disciplined about it. The very next week, I had another consultation and it seems that my scar was closing pretty and my infection was dropped down! I’m having a new consultation next week. I hope my infection is getting more defeated than last time!

I’m pretty happy I survived all of this, I’m beyond grateful to God for allowing me to be here after all this time carrying with those capsules and infection in my eyes, anything could have went wrong but it didn’t because He didn’t want to. And here I am, still, working as hard and as smart as I can but with the extra care and attention that my body needs.

I don’t know about you but I really feel that that was a great milestone this June and quite a dangerous adventure, to be honest!

But also I had one milestone in my digital life. While I was looking like a pirate without actually being able to connect to my computer, YOU helped me achieved a new milestone!

+400 subscribers on WordPress!

You guys, I cannot believe this! We are +400 people here in my little corner of the Internet. Thank you so much for deciding to be here and subscribing and reading! I know there are a gazillion sites over there and the fact that you have actually decided consciously to join my little one fills my heart with joy! Thank you so much for being here! ❤

And if you’re not here yet, I invite you to join on this little box:

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Milestones that made me happy this May 2018

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May was wild! To start, this blog turned 10 YEARS OLD! 10 years, can you imagine? I’ve been writing for 10 years and I keep enjoying this so much that I don’t think I’m stopping soon! ❤

My brother came to visit us, too! It was a great mother’s day gift for my mom and our family worked what we had pending. We updated our family photo after 24 years and I got to understand what having a brother means. He went far away when I was 4 years, so I always knew I had a brother but I haven’t had the chance to experience what having a brother means. Thank God I could live that!

Do you know what my favorite night as siblings was? The night where I was working in the living room on my Applied Geology reports, I was doing calculations with my notebook and writing all data on my Mac… next to me, was my brother, he had his audiophones and he was doing stuff on his phone. We were together but we were doing our things, he respected my activities so much, I respected his privacy so much but we wanted to be together that night. That felt amazing. ❤

And, of course, we had a lot of talks, laughs, hugs and stuff, we talked so much that he even advised me to start doing live transmissions. After a while to consider pros and cons, I’m thinking of giving it a shot! I’m a little nervous but also excited.

Last but not least, my semester is coming to and end and I must confess this semester’s strategy SUCKED BIG TIME! I’m saving everything in the next couple of weeks. I’m so stressed and I have something due every single day from now on!

Anyways, that’s not the best paragraph ever but that’s my May! ❤

300 followers on Tumblr!

I think there’s a lot of people over here considering my Tumblr feeds from my other profiles! I’m forever grateful you want to keep in touch with me through my Tumblr! If you decide to subscribe, you’re getting my most recent photos and my most recent posts! ❤

10 years of writing my blog!

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I know I already mentioned it but it is such a great number of weeks writing posts! I had no idea what was going to happen when I opened my blog but I knew I wanted to give it a try. And here I am, 10 years later still creating content and ideas to keep writing every week! ❤

Even though my priorities have change, I still have that thing in the back of my mind that I need to publish something on my blog. And I’ve found a way to keep updating it while having a healthy balance in my life outside the computer.

That’s a thing that took me years to understand, even though documenting your life is very important, specially if you’re trying to build something cool, what’s more important is to actually live your life and being responsible with your commitments.

I opened a Twitch account!

Not a milestone per sè but as it’s my 10 year anniversary with my blog and I’m a big cycle believer, I thought I should give it a try!

See, 10 years ago my brother gave me a computer, its name was Lalo, and that computer had a program which had a blog option and I started blogging. 10 years later, almost same story, except I’m better at managing my time and sleep schedule, haha! ❤

I’m planning to play video games that I like and chat a little bit with you, guys, since it seems I can’t have a reunion with every single one of you, how about a reunion with all of you! I think it will be interesting and, also, you’ll help me get my golden trophy at Plants vs Zombies, haha! ❤

That’s it for May, let’s see what happens on June, yo!

I’m yours for a full day!

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For mother’s day, I came up with a great idea!
See, in my family, giving stuff is a really complicated thing, because for the basic life we tend to live, we already have too many stuff! Thank God we have clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, books, etc. That’s why we love to celebrate everything with experiences: we celebrate by traveling, by eating, by living!

BUT I couldn’t just go and buy an experience for my mom this year. We were living in scarcity because we were getting ready to receive Genesis (he’s supposed to come to El Salvador, today, so we’re expecting) . I couldn’t spend money to buy a thing because we already have things, I couldn’t spend money to buy an experience because we were saving money at that time.

But I wanted to give her something on her day because I wanted to celebrate her no matter what.
And then I came up with a great idea: I’m yours for a full day!

Sometimes, I think I’m busy with all the University stuff happening or doing work or studying and other times, I’m out of focus when we’re talking and other times, I just have a really bad attitude, I like to think it’s because I’m stressed because finals but, to be honest, it all goes to attitude.


So, I figured what she maybe wanted it wasn’t a thing or an experience, she wanted a change for me. She maybe wanted me to be present and to be a more thoughtful daughter. And that’s what I became.

I told her: I’d do ANYTHING you want me to and I won’t grumble, I swear, but most important: I’d do whatever you want me to with a great attitude, I’ll be present, I’ll do my best and I’ll pay attention!

She was thrilled!

For a long time, she really had this plan of decorating the patio, she wanted to paint the walls, place the plants in a certain way, hang some thingies to place the plants, etc. The thing is she even though of hiring someone to do it. But that’s when my gift came in: I’d do it, mom!

She was directing me and I tried my best of not getting tired and give my best attitude. Whenever I ended a task, I went to her with a smile and said: It’s done, mom, wanna see?

And she was like: WOW, IT’S BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT! And she gave me the best smile ever and a lot of kisses!

You know what? I even noticed that all these tasks were really quick to do. I know painting or gardening are not my most developed skills but they took me less than three hours to complete the patio. When you really have a good attitude and try your best for love, things just work.

I know that this isn’t a gift for another world, it’s no extraordinary and for some people it might not be special at all. In fact, I know that this is how am I supposed to be EVERY DAY. But for my mom it was special, it was appreciated and needed.

I’m trying to make this “I’m yours for a full day” more of a weekly or monthly thing. I take responsibility of every day chores but, sometimes, my mom wants to do something extra with her house and I want her to know that no matter how “busy” it seems I am, I am here for her to accomplish that extra stuff. ❤

Happy mother’s day, mom! Love you to Andromeda and back! ❤

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It’s time to let go the things that aren’t and embrace the things that are.

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There comes a time when you have to start focusing on the things you should and not the things you want. That time is now for me.

I tried my best to keep up with my 3 official subjects and the one I have only enrolled in my heart but all finals are starting to be on top on each other and I just have to focus on the subjects I actually enrolled this semester.

I’m not gonna lie, I feel really sad but I knew from the beginning this wasn’t official. I just have to deal with the fact that even though I really wanted to test myself, I need to focus on the things that are.

6 weeks left to finish this semester! I still can do a lot with this time!

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The way I reacted was not the best.

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There is a lot of space for personal improvement still is ridiculous. I’m not the best human on Earth and the way I reacted was not the best.

Yesterday, I faced an obstacle and I was furious. I was ready to scream to the subjects who did this to me, I even think I was ready to say a lot of bad words.

See, I had been working on this Physics report all day and had the intent to end it up in a good presentation at the end of the night or early morning. Because if you know what you’re doing, setting up a report takes one hour max. Anyways, my idea was to finish it at 10pm or 3am.

But at 9:40pm my living room started filling itself with water. There was a leak in my ceiling and the only think that came to my mind is that my upstair neighbors were washing their floor and ruining mine. I was FURIOUS.

First, I started moving everything I could because a lot of our stuff has wood on it. Then, I put on some pants and went upstairs and hit their door. I don’t know what I would have yelled to them but thank God they did not open.

It seems like they left their water running and left the house and they had a flooded floor, too. They were very irresponsible for doing such thing but definitely, they didn’t deserve the yelling I was about to give them for thinking they were just mean for washing their floor at night. Thank God they were not home.

At the end, we stayed until very late trying to dry out everything here. We placed our furniture on top of each other to try to save them. And we took our mops and buckets and started to soak and twist the mops.

It was a long night but 6 buckets later, our house was starting to show some dry spots. Our neighbors came home until 1:30am and the water stopped leaking until very late, like 4am.

I couldn’t work on the Physics report like I was about to, but I did in the morning. I couldn’t even go to my Material Resistance’s class but I could give my Physics report without any issue.

I learned a lot of things about myself with this:

  1. I’m still impulsive af.
  2. After proof, I get to cool tf down.
  3. I knew I was strong enough to move my furniture but I didn’t know I was fast to move them. In emergencies, I am.
  4. I’m very protective of my family and their heritage, no matter how little or big.
  5. I try to work smart because I’m a sleepy lady and love my naps but, boy, I can work hard, too!
  6. There was a moment when I was so puzzled that I had to breath and realize what was going on. After 30 seconds or so, I came back and thought I needed to keep moving.
  7. I love to be in charge but, in emergencies, I can recognize smart authorities, shut my mouth and do what they say without babbling.
  8. Leaks are something I will put some extra attention on because, at the end, construction and earthquake resistance are my passions and I will be VERY good at them.

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Baby Erick Fernando Catacho Maradiaga

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Baby nephew! Born on September 1st of 2016.


I’m 28.

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Yesterday was my birthday and I can’t believe how blessed I am.

I’m always happy for my birthday but this year I had a lot of surprises waiting for me! Titi gave me as a birthday present a new version of me! Last Sunday we went to the beauty salon and had our hair done. Now it’s straight with little to no effort and I must say that it’s really comfy to be able to sleep one more hour every morning because I spend less than 10 minutes a day in the hair part.

As I felt prettier, I said to myself I’d celebrate the entire week, I’d wear clothes that made me feel even more pretty and I’m really happy I kinda accomplished it! You have no idea how amazed my friends were every day of seeing a new version of me! They were really excited of how my exterior was improving but my essence was constant! ❤

So, my official birthday started with a really close and loving celebration, with a little cake as a breakfast + cinnamon tea in my house with my family! ❤ In my head, I had a lot of appointments for that day, so, we talked it out and decided to celebrate real early instead.

Then, I went running to the University because I had a final of Geology! Final which I did running, as well, because I had another activity at the end of it. I had a presentation to attend for another subject about entrepreneurship for Economics Fundamentals.

It seems like I always spend my birthday around the people I love, but somehow, this birthday it did not happen quite like that. I was alone, but not in a bad way. See, that last presentation took SO MUCH TIME that I had to cancel the coffee with my crush.

My agenda was, then, clear until 3pm so I went shopping. Since I lost a lot of weight, none of my jeans fit anymore! I wanted a new pair and after the longest presentation ever, went directly to the store. I ended up getting two pairs and a lot of make-up because at 3pm I had a makeup class with Titi.

Except that I didn’t (wait for it).

She told me we had a makeup class and I started getting makeup to ask questions about how to use stuff because I’m clueless about that specific topic. My knowledge is very basic: sunscreen, concealer, powder, blush and lipstick are my only tools. I have a lot of colors because I’ve been collecting them for a couple of months and then, my friends and family gave them to me as presents, as well. So, I had a little box with the basics. But, went shopping for an eyeliner, a new blush color and a new matte lipstick, so I can have a more sober look.

Anyway, as I knew I had to walk a lot to get to the salon, I wore some tennis and took the public transportation to get there. I started walking and got lost. This was so funny because, I called Titi and told her I had no idea where I was and she said to me: Wow, you’re using your phone in the street, THIS IS SO NOT YOU! (Because it’s true, when I’m moving myself on the city, my phone is always hidden! And specially now that Titi gave it to me and it’s the most advanced phone ever! ❤ I don’t want to lose it!). And I told her I was lost and kinda desperate but also, I was in front of some soldiers, so I thought I wasn’t in danger. She agreed and locate me and directed me to the salon.

Finally got to the salon and there it was one of my dearest friends I met thanks to Twitter, @miljef! He gave me this big hug to wish a happy birthday to me and welcoming me to the salon and then, I took a sit. He introduced me to his boyfriend and business partner @robertolemusjr and then, he was like: well, let’s get started! Sit here, take of your shoes…

And I didn’t understand, I was there for a makeup class with Titi and she wasn’t there, so, in my head, we couldn’t start with the class. But also, I didn’t relate my feet with the makeup. I asked for Titi like twice or thrice and then, they told me that Titi bought a beauty spa day treatment for me as a birthday present!!!

I WAS IN SHOCK! In a very good shock! I was totally surprised, I didn’t expect this at all, I promise I went there with the intention to take notes of every question she had and ask about the eyecat, maybe, but surely I wasn’t aware that I was about to be like the queen of that day!

And I must say I really felt like that. I had a face mask that cleaned and hydrated me, then they did my nails and gave me as a birthday present the gel nail polish! I chose the red wine color! And all the stuff was taking care of me, they gave me water, they gave me coffee, they gave me great laughs, great stories, good time, good conversation and then, it hit me!

Titi didn’t just gave me a good treatment and a great surprise and a lot of new knowledge, she knew me so well that she wanted me to feel really comfortable during ALL the process, she knows I’m very shy in new places with new people, she knows I don’t talk when there is a new person around, she knows that and she chose a beauty salon where I can enjoy my day but also feel free enough and loved enough to be able to say out loud every question and doubt I had.

I felt SO loved in that second because I didn’t have to say all these things to her, she just knew, she saw me over the years and read me!

But there was a second AHA moment I was about to have in the day.

See, the makeup class was still coming! And I was about to ask all the questions, document the entire process, write all the details, because the idea is to have a more professional look during the day but also be prepared if anything comes up, like events. Can you see it? She was just giving me a new makeup look so I can take good pictures that day and remember my 28th day forever, she was encouraging my DIY-ness because I always like to take care of whatever I can take care of.

Scarfs? I’ll knit it.
Hair? I’ll cut it.
Food? I’ll cook it.
Nails? I’ll paint ’em.
Books? I’ll write ’em.
Photos? I’ll take ’em.
Yoga? I’ll learn it.
House? Eventually, I’ll build it.

I’m always doing stuff on my own and she knew that I needed some professional knowledge to, then, learn to recreate it in my house and improve it since then.

I felt SO blessed in that second! Can you believe how amazing she is she just knew all this about me?

My 28th birthday was BEYOND amazing, I learned a lot, felt surprised a lot, relax a lot, felt beautiful a lot, felt loved a lot and saw all the blessings around me! It was the best birthday ever! ❤

And I really feel confident enough to say it was the best birth week, too! Even though I’m writing this on a Friday (I’m still missing the weekend here) but today was my last day of academic commitments and my last day of planning my outfits and, I ended up getting my birthday coffee with my crush, too. I won’t get into much detail here because that’s part of my private life, but, please, know that I’m happy whenever we see each other.

And tomorrow (Saturday) I have a family breakfast; Sunday, I have friends lunch and another lunch on Monday. My birthday was all about me, yes, but that helped me to understand that I’m loved because of who I am and my friends and family want to celebrate with me the fact that I’m still here for another good year!

I couldn’t be more grateful that I am today, I’m very happy God blessed me with all of you, I’m really thankful you’re still here after so long and I ask God for your protection!

Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, know that all of your prayers came to me as a very warm feeling in my heart! I received all the blessings you asked for me, yes, I did. ❤

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Taking it personal.


It seems that taking everything personal has helped me to create obstacles in several areas of my life.

A few weeks ago, I had a talk about it with one of my best friends and she advised me to NOT take everything personal. She was very wise about it and helped me notice a very practical example of why not everything that happens is to hurt me.

Since then, I try to breathe longer and just keep going with what am I doing. I’m not gonna lie, it has been hard because I’m used to take it personal and feel offended, but I’m working on it.

A few days ago, I had a situation where my head told me to feel bad but my heart told me to keep working hard and at the end, absolutely nothing that tried to hurt me was real, it was my head trying to make things up to hurt me.

I told my friend what happened and she reminded me: you are useful and you matter, don’t let your head tell you otherwise! ❤

When I tell you I’m really blessed to have a friend like her, I mean it!

After that talk, I noticed something. Taking it personal has helped me to ruin a lot of good things in the past: friendships, group works, relationships, businesses and maybe more.

And now that I’m in a different scenario where I’m really working on NOT taking it personal, I’ve noticed that several areas in my life are just flowing. I’m laughing more with my friends, I’m studying better, I’m having a great relationship, I’m still working hard and trying to focus even more.

I was blessed the day God put Titi in my life and I thank God I was humble enough to listen carefully to what she had to say to help me improve. I hope everyone had a good, honest and caring friend like her. ❤

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¡Gané un vino tinto de Beronia en San Valentín!

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Aún creo en los concursos de las redes sociales. ♥ Nunca se me ocurrió por la cabeza ganar un vino y dos copas para armar una cenita elegante de San Valentín pero aquí estoy, celebrando que he ampliado mi vajilla.

Quizás la verdadera razón por la que gané fue porque el concurso de San Valentín tenía como objetivo celebrar a la amistad y, etiqueté a mis flaquitas para que entraran al concurso, también. Si hubiera sido del amor, probablemente no te estaría contando nada. 🙂

Otra de las razones por las que quizás salí favorecida es porque la persona encargada de hacer el concurso aún mantiene sus valores como blogger y creadora de contenido, siempre veo que se preocupa de premiar a sus lectores y es justa al momento de hacerlo. Otros muchos, como la mafia de las yogis, solo premian a sus amigos. Pero Doris, de Libritas de Más, es honesta. ♥

Además es súper linda. La conocí el día que fui por mi premio. Su oficina queda increíblemente cerca de mi casa y, por ser zona conocida, me di un respiro y caminé un largo tramo para llegar. Me inspiró tener un tiempito para admirar el volcán de San Salvador. El cielo estaba despejado esa mañana con un azul tan clarito que te hipnotizaba de lo hermoso.

Al final del camino estaba la oficina de Doris. Nos saludamos, nos conocimos y nos dimos un abrazo porque cuando encuentro a personas auténticas, siempre me dan ganas de abrazarlas.

Ella cuidó hasta el más mínimo detalle de la premiación. Aunque yo ya sabía qué traía el premio (una botella de vino + dos copas), el paquete que recibí hizo que fuera toda una experiencia abrirlo. Fue una bolsa negra con papel fuchsia para cuidar que no se quebrara nada y, como adorno de la bolsa, la tarjeta de presentación de Doris. ❤

Muchísimas gracias a Libritas de Más y Bodegas Beronia por este increíble regalo. ❤ Me voy muy contenta de haber participado en su rifa en Instagram. 🙂

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Entre cansada y zen.

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Acabo de terminar mi sesión de yoga de hoy, me enfoqué en estirar mi cuello y espalda alta. Mi postura tan mala hace que ambos me duelan bastante seguido, así que enfocarme en ellos por unos 20 minutos es mi forma de consentirles. El detalle es que en este instante estoy entre cansada y zen que no más no veo otra cosa que ponerme a descansar un rato.

Pero estoy bien y estoy feliz. ❤

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