Reusable column formwork.

Reusable column formwork or any formwork is a good way to cut costs and material waste in the construction industry.

It’s importance come from the fact that material waste is an issue we have to solve in any project, but also, direct cost is a factor that has the most percentage in a project, and by minimising direct cost without putting at risk quality and resistance of materials, the profit increases.

By building reusable column formwork and designing same dimensions structural elements, you can reuse such formwork at least 25 times and it’ll pay itself.


Superposition principle in reinforcement steel for a foundation slab.

This is a perfect example of the superposition principle since you are seeing several reinforced slabs in the making. You can see the reinforcement steel for a foundation slab in the middle and the reinforcement steel around is for a foundation slab of a wall.

Superposition principle is one of the most important things since you can break down any issue in smaller ones to find a simple solution to each part, and then, add all of the solutions to have a compound solution. It works in engineering and in life.

Plastic protection.

A small intervention as plastic protection is crucial in the construction industry.

It prevents water and even humidity of any room to get in touch with cement.

It’s important because once cement gets in touch with water, it develops its resistance and it can’t be molded into a structural element.