Home upgrading

Now that I’ve prooved my intention with Civil Engineering is long-lasting, I’ve been granted to have more voice in the house decisions. It’s a gift and a responsability.

I know that you know that as a Civil Engineer, decorating the houses won’t be one of my actual functions but I can’t deny that upgrading a house I’ll built into a home is an actual dream that I can’t wait to happen. It’s like having the full package, the building and the purpose after the building in the same box.


That’s why I’m really happy my family trusted me this time to upgrade our house, not only in decorations terms, but some things like the new windows, new doors, a dishwasher and a couple more details. This means a lot to me.


I had a rough time trying to figure out my style in clothing, in hair and in matching my accesories. But that changes every day. So, this time I had to get serious because whatever change I made in the house, will be permanent (at least for a year).


So, why does this mean a lot to me? Because my family is giving me the honor to take some permanent decisions for all of us and also is giving me the opportunity to develop my own taste in home upgrading but also, in their way, they’re helping me to fall in love with my career a little bit more. I’m lucky they are trusting me this much.


I didn’t follow any fancy process, here. I just went for oil paint and then, started to play with the details. As it was my first time upgrading my home, I didn’t want the process to be rigid,  I just did what I felt and I’m feeling comfortable with the result. ❤

Ley de L’Hôpital.

La ley de L’Hôpital se aplica cuando, al evaluar un límite se llega a una forma indeterminada.

La ley de L’Hôpital consiste en derivar el numerador y denominador como si fuesen funciones singulares.

Formas indeterminadas.

  • 0/0
  • ∞/∞
  • 0·∞
  • ∞-∞
  • 1^∞
  • ∞^0
  • 0^0

Si se encuentra una forma indeterminada, se aplica la Ley de L’Hôpital siempre que esté en forma de cociente (las primeras dos). Llevar todas las formas a las primeras dos para aplicar L’Hôpital.

Relación entre un valor absoluto y una raíz cuadrada

|x| = (x²)½

El valor absoluto de x es siempre positivo.

La raíz cuadrada de x² no es siempre positiva.

|x| = (x²)½ = { x si x≥0
-x si x<0

(x²)½ = { x si x≥0
-x si x<0

|x| siempre va a ser igual a (x²)½
Las dos van a depender de x si x≥0 o de -x si x<0

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