The way I reacted was not the best.

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There is a lot of space for personal improvement still is ridiculous. I’m not the best human on Earth and the way I reacted was not the best.

Yesterday, I faced an obstacle and I was furious. I was ready to scream to the subjects who did this to me, I even think I was ready to say a lot of bad words.

See, I had been working on this Physics report all day and had the intent to end it up in a good presentation at the end of the night or early morning. Because if you know what you’re doing, setting up a report takes one hour max. Anyways, my idea was to finish it at 10pm or 3am.

But at 9:40pm my living room started filling itself with water. There was a leak in my ceiling and the only think that came to my mind is that my upstair neighbors were washing their floor and ruining mine. I was FURIOUS.

First, I started moving everything I could because a lot of our stuff has wood on it. Then, I put on some pants and went upstairs and hit their door. I don’t know what I would have yelled to them but thank God they did not open.

It seems like they left their water running and left the house and they had a flooded floor, too. They were very irresponsible for doing such thing but definitely, they didn’t deserve the yelling I was about to give them for thinking they were just mean for washing their floor at night. Thank God they were not home.

At the end, we stayed until very late trying to dry out everything here. We placed our furniture on top of each other to try to save them. And we took our mops and buckets and started to soak and twist the mops.

It was a long night but 6 buckets later, our house was starting to show some dry spots. Our neighbors came home until 1:30am and the water stopped leaking until very late, like 4am.

I couldn’t work on the Physics report like I was about to, but I did in the morning. I couldn’t even go to my Material Resistance’s class but I could give my Physics report without any issue.

I learned a lot of things about myself with this:

  1. I’m still impulsive af.
  2. After proof, I get to cool tf down.
  3. I knew I was strong enough to move my furniture but I didn’t know I was fast to move them. In emergencies, I am.
  4. I’m very protective of my family and their heritage, no matter how little or big.
  5. I try to work smart because I’m a sleepy lady and love my naps but, boy, I can work hard, too!
  6. There was a moment when I was so puzzled that I had to breath and realize what was going on. After 30 seconds or so, I came back and thought I needed to keep moving.
  7. I love to be in charge but, in emergencies, I can recognize smart authorities, shut my mouth and do what they say without babbling.
  8. Leaks are something I will put some extra attention on because, at the end, construction and earthquake resistance are my passions and I will be VERY good at them.

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I’m 28.

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Yesterday was my birthday and I can’t believe how blessed I am.

I’m always happy for my birthday but this year I had a lot of surprises waiting for me! Titi gave me as a birthday present a new version of me! Last Sunday we went to the beauty salon and had our hair done. Now it’s straight with little to no effort and I must say that it’s really comfy to be able to sleep one more hour every morning because I spend less than 10 minutes a day in the hair part.

As I felt prettier, I said to myself I’d celebrate the entire week, I’d wear clothes that made me feel even more pretty and I’m really happy I kinda accomplished it! You have no idea how amazed my friends were every day of seeing a new version of me! They were really excited of how my exterior was improving but my essence was constant! ❤

So, my official birthday started with a really close and loving celebration, with a little cake as a breakfast + cinnamon tea in my house with my family! ❤ In my head, I had a lot of appointments for that day, so, we talked it out and decided to celebrate real early instead.

Then, I went running to the University because I had a final of Geology! Final which I did running, as well, because I had another activity at the end of it. I had a presentation to attend for another subject about entrepreneurship for Economics Fundamentals.

It seems like I always spend my birthday around the people I love, but somehow, this birthday it did not happen quite like that. I was alone, but not in a bad way. See, that last presentation took SO MUCH TIME that I had to cancel the coffee with my crush.

My agenda was, then, clear until 3pm so I went shopping. Since I lost a lot of weight, none of my jeans fit anymore! I wanted a new pair and after the longest presentation ever, went directly to the store. I ended up getting two pairs and a lot of make-up because at 3pm I had a makeup class with Titi.

Except that I didn’t (wait for it).

She told me we had a makeup class and I started getting makeup to ask questions about how to use stuff because I’m clueless about that specific topic. My knowledge is very basic: sunscreen, concealer, powder, blush and lipstick are my only tools. I have a lot of colors because I’ve been collecting them for a couple of months and then, my friends and family gave them to me as presents, as well. So, I had a little box with the basics. But, went shopping for an eyeliner, a new blush color and a new matte lipstick, so I can have a more sober look.

Anyway, as I knew I had to walk a lot to get to the salon, I wore some tennis and took the public transportation to get there. I started walking and got lost. This was so funny because, I called Titi and told her I had no idea where I was and she said to me: Wow, you’re using your phone in the street, THIS IS SO NOT YOU! (Because it’s true, when I’m moving myself on the city, my phone is always hidden! And specially now that Titi gave it to me and it’s the most advanced phone ever! ❤ I don’t want to lose it!). And I told her I was lost and kinda desperate but also, I was in front of some soldiers, so I thought I wasn’t in danger. She agreed and locate me and directed me to the salon.

Finally got to the salon and there it was one of my dearest friends I met thanks to Twitter, @miljef! He gave me this big hug to wish a happy birthday to me and welcoming me to the salon and then, I took a sit. He introduced me to his boyfriend and business partner @robertolemusjr and then, he was like: well, let’s get started! Sit here, take of your shoes…

And I didn’t understand, I was there for a makeup class with Titi and she wasn’t there, so, in my head, we couldn’t start with the class. But also, I didn’t relate my feet with the makeup. I asked for Titi like twice or thrice and then, they told me that Titi bought a beauty spa day treatment for me as a birthday present!!!

I WAS IN SHOCK! In a very good shock! I was totally surprised, I didn’t expect this at all, I promise I went there with the intention to take notes of every question she had and ask about the eyecat, maybe, but surely I wasn’t aware that I was about to be like the queen of that day!

And I must say I really felt like that. I had a face mask that cleaned and hydrated me, then they did my nails and gave me as a birthday present the gel nail polish! I chose the red wine color! And all the stuff was taking care of me, they gave me water, they gave me coffee, they gave me great laughs, great stories, good time, good conversation and then, it hit me!

Titi didn’t just gave me a good treatment and a great surprise and a lot of new knowledge, she knew me so well that she wanted me to feel really comfortable during ALL the process, she knows I’m very shy in new places with new people, she knows I don’t talk when there is a new person around, she knows that and she chose a beauty salon where I can enjoy my day but also feel free enough and loved enough to be able to say out loud every question and doubt I had.

I felt SO loved in that second because I didn’t have to say all these things to her, she just knew, she saw me over the years and read me!

But there was a second AHA moment I was about to have in the day.

See, the makeup class was still coming! And I was about to ask all the questions, document the entire process, write all the details, because the idea is to have a more professional look during the day but also be prepared if anything comes up, like events. Can you see it? She was just giving me a new makeup look so I can take good pictures that day and remember my 28th day forever, she was encouraging my DIY-ness because I always like to take care of whatever I can take care of.

Scarfs? I’ll knit it.
Hair? I’ll cut it.
Food? I’ll cook it.
Nails? I’ll paint ’em.
Books? I’ll write ’em.
Photos? I’ll take ’em.
Yoga? I’ll learn it.
House? Eventually, I’ll build it.

I’m always doing stuff on my own and she knew that I needed some professional knowledge to, then, learn to recreate it in my house and improve it since then.

I felt SO blessed in that second! Can you believe how amazing she is she just knew all this about me?

My 28th birthday was BEYOND amazing, I learned a lot, felt surprised a lot, relax a lot, felt beautiful a lot, felt loved a lot and saw all the blessings around me! It was the best birthday ever! ❤

And I really feel confident enough to say it was the best birth week, too! Even though I’m writing this on a Friday (I’m still missing the weekend here) but today was my last day of academic commitments and my last day of planning my outfits and, I ended up getting my birthday coffee with my crush, too. I won’t get into much detail here because that’s part of my private life, but, please, know that I’m happy whenever we see each other.

And tomorrow (Saturday) I have a family breakfast; Sunday, I have friends lunch and another lunch on Monday. My birthday was all about me, yes, but that helped me to understand that I’m loved because of who I am and my friends and family want to celebrate with me the fact that I’m still here for another good year!

I couldn’t be more grateful that I am today, I’m very happy God blessed me with all of you, I’m really thankful you’re still here after so long and I ask God for your protection!

Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, know that all of your prayers came to me as a very warm feeling in my heart! I received all the blessings you asked for me, yes, I did. ❤

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Milestones that made me happy this January 2018

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January has been really kind to me! To be a month where I focused most of the time to studying for my Dynamics extra, I actually have to say I managed to accomplished quite a few things! ❤

I started the year with the company of Titiburgos and her family! We had a lovely evening at a pet-friendly beer brewing company eating fries, pizza and desert. Yummy! Also, we went for an ice cream and sat in the middle of the city to watch the Christmas trees and talk. ❤

I also had tons of fun with AutoCAD & Diana, we managed to deliver 6 land survey plans as our final project for Surveying 2 and boy did we work! She was so kind to me she even sent me micro tutorials from her phone so I can understand easily AutoCAD and some of the functions! At the end, we got our 9/10 and couldn’t be happier, thank God that subject is gone! ❤

I also presented my Dynamics extra and, even though I studied 40 days for it, I couldn’t make it. It’s ok, though. I know what I got myself into when I decided to study Civil Engineering, I know this career is tough and I know I have a little bit extra details to work on. Thank God I managed to fix some mistakes about springs and potential energy. You can’t win everything the first time you try. As Gary Vaynerchuk says “it gets way less scary the second time”, I’m gonna work harder to get it right this year for sure!

After my extra, I got the chance to chat with one of my best friends, Rodrigo. We went to an italian restaurant I have wanted to try for so long! I had my raviolis and my panacotta and, somehow, turned around the gloomy feeling of the day with brightness.

Also, we went to celebrate with my family the fact that my aunt is 100% free from cancer and medicines! ❤ Thank God for this amazing gift! He truly has been really good to us. We had the opportunity to gather the family to eat TWICE in a day. We went to walk to the volcano plaza and ending up eating big chunks of meat for dinner and singing panamanian reggaeton in our way home.

Finally, I came back to the days where I can practice yoga for longer, even though I will only enjoy my winter break for 4 weeks, I wouldn’t have it other way. This is my life, this active full-of-obstacles loving fulfilling life is all mine to enjoy ONCE and I’m gonna do it!

Cool January, huh?

How about I tell you how YOU made my January EVEN COOLER?

Milestones that made me happy this January.

+50 subscribers on YouTube!

I cannot believe this! I have never thought we could made it this far, to be honest! But I’m so grateful for everyone of you. This means so much to me! I just launched #TheQueithShow and #ElShowDeQueith which are both series where I answer your most frequently asked questions (first hashtag = English version and second = Spanish version) and the fact that you’re actually hitting that subscribe button translates into “I want to support your crazy project!” AND THAT MEANS A LOT TO ME! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

If this is the first time you visit me, you might be curious about what I’m talking so, here is the link so you don’t miss out!

Thank you very much for your love, support and attention! ❤

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Facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever II

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Long story short, I went to the Independence Day parade with my family and saw all these weapons. I didn’t know what exactly to feel so I thought that maybe I didn’t need to feel something or have an opinion about it. It was wiser to study the whole history about my country and find amazing facts than to decide what to feel just with one chapter. And that’s what I’ve been doing the last few days. Reading history and finding facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever. 

Facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever.

  1. The main cash crop in El Salvador was the indigo. But the crisis and dissapearing of indigo happened at the same time coffee was introduced. The purpose was to eradicate communal lands and ejidos to grow coffee and it caused population without lands to migrate to the urban areas to subsist. (1892-1932).
  2. Public investment grow to develop industry in town and intensified cotton cultivation. Cotton rid food crops and people who cultivated food had to migrate to the urban areas to subsist. (1950-1970).
  3. Civil War (1981-1992) caused population to migrate to the urban areas to survive. In 1981, 164,297 salvadorans migrated. By 1992, there were 427,892 salvadorans migrating.
  4. The overpopulated municipalities in San Salvador are 8 (of 16): San Salvador, Mejicanos, Soyapango, Ciudad Delgado, Ayutuxtepeque, Apopa, San Marcos and Ilopango.
  5. The most important tourist attraction sites of Morazán state are waterfalls made by 7 rivers, caves or grottoes, some of them with rock writing (being the most famous the Corinto one), lagunitas, archaeological sites in Cacaopera and Delicias de Concepción municipalities, the San Francisco Gotera colonial church, Perquín population, indian cemetery on Delicias de Concepción municipality.
  6. The main resources of El Salvador are: corn, oranges, cows, silver, concrete, beer and tobacco.
  7. El Salvador is considered one of the countries that suffers the greatest deterioration of natural resources and the environment in Latin America. Two thirds of its soils are eroded, only 2% of the original forests remain, 90% of the rivers are polluted by sewage, agrochemicals and industrial waste, and significant amounts of gases harmful to health are emitted causing the greenhouse effect.
  8. To establish coffee as the new main export product, the vegetation of the heights and slopes was practically replaced by a crop that is itself a true forest, in which coffee trees are accompanied by a variety of shade tree species, many of which are representatives of the original flora.
  9. One of the biggest environmental threats today derives from the uncontrolled urbanization process that takes place in many parts of the country.
  10. It is considered that less than 3 percent of industries and agro-industries treat their waste before dumping it into water bodies.

I found these facts from page 87 to page 143 of the Encyclopedia of El Salvador. ❤
There’re more to come!

If you want to read more about my country, why won’t you go to read the first 10 facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever? 🙂

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Facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever


Periquito de 4 meses responde que sí – YouTube

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Xandé Montero es lo más lindo de la vida entera porque responde que sí a todo y parece un peluchito. ❤ Imposible no amarlo.


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¿Qué aprendiste tarde en la vida?

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A los 27, no lo llamaría “tarde”, como sea, si hubiese aprendido estas cosas antes en mi vida, sería una mejor persona hoy:

  1. Al menos que haya algo roto, tu familia es la única entidad en tu vida que es irreemplazable. Ellos siempre estarán para ti en tus mejores momentos y en los peores. Asegúrate de ser recíproco. Considera a los demás temporales. Te salvará de mucho dolor.
  2. Tu salud es lo más importante, seguido por la ambición y, después, el dinero. Es simple, cuida lo que comes, haz ejercicio, ten un propósito en la vida y maneja tu riqueza sabiamente. Tendrás una vida que te llene.
  3. Nada puede comprometer tu dignidad y tu respeto propio. No puedo enfatizar qué tan importante es mantener tu dignidad intacta. Nunca la pierdas por nadie. Ten límites, aprende a decir no y ofrece tu empatía solamente cuando sea merecido.
  4. “Alma gemela” y “verdadero amor” son falsos conceptos que son demasiado glorificados por películas y música. No funcionan en la vida real. Punto. Dos personas compatibles deciden caminar juntos o no, eso es todo. El karma puede o no puede funcionar. La mayoría de veces no funciona. Nadie te debe nada y no, dos personas no están “destinadas” a estar juntas. En serio, mientras más temprano aprendas esto, mejor.
  5. Solo hay una persona que merece estar en un pedestal en tu vida – esa persona eres tú. Valórate a ti. Solo entonces este sentir puede ser extendido a otros. Tómate la vida seriamente y, al mismo tiempo, encuentra la felicidad en detalles pequeños. Solo vas a vivir una vez, asegúrate de no desperdiciar tu tiempo y energía donde no es necesitada.

Fuente: Ankit Takle’s answer to What did you learn too late in life? – Quora

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Las comidas familiares empiezan de la misma forma.

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Últimamente, las comidas familiares empiezan de la misma forma.

Nos decimos la frase: “¿Sabés que esta puede ser la última vez que comamos juntos?” y empezamos con la negación y las respuestas del tipo “no digás esas cosas” y demás. Pero, es que aunque estemos de broma y queramos agregarle intensidad a un evento, la verdad es que, en el fondo, lo sé.

En el fondo entiendo que pueda ser la última vez que nos veamos. O la última vez que me recuerdes o la última vez que sepa quién eres. Lo entiendo y me duele entenderlo, porque ya he intentado imaginarme esos escenarios y no logro ver la forma en la que pueda seguir avanzando, viviendo y disfrutando los días si llegasen a pasar.

Al llegar a esta situación, me pierdo imaginando todas las cosas que sentiría, todo lo que lloraría, todo la ansiedad que me invadiría y no puedo evitar que mis ojos se llenen de lágrimas.

Es justo ese momento en el que regreso a dónde estoy, recuerdo que te sigo tomando del brazo y que todavía no hay razón para llenarme de lágrimas.

Luego de tener un momento en el que me pierdo en mis pensamientos de dolor, me doy cuenta que prefiero seguir disfrutando los momentos que estoy a la par tuya.

Porque en el día que suceda cualquier escenario que nos aleje, lo único que me podría ayudar es recordar mis momentos contigo. Y si dejo que los momentos que tengo ahora se pierdan por estar pensando en el dolor, ¿qué me va a quedar, entonces?

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Life after my knee injury.

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After the championship, I had a promise to rest for 1 month. Active rest, that is. I would do whatever I wanted on that month for training. That’s why I gave it my all before the Championship. And that’s why my knee was resentful.

But what happened next was worse. Apparently, I wasn’t going to have that active month for me, we had another meet at the calendar and I had to train harder or, at least, at the same level for another 2 months.

My knee couldn’t handle it and, on Tuesday, after my discus throwing session, I could barely walk. Got home and rested and wasn’t able to get up. Even going to the bathroom took me ages. I stopped everything. My knee was worth losing my next meet and all.

I was almost exclusively resting for a week, until my knee didn’t hurt in certain positions. That’s when my mom told me to go with her to visit to her best friend (my aunt H., you may remember her for this post!).

The residence aunt H. lives in has a lot of steps, but I tried to use my other leg to get there and to not bend my injured knee (the left one). It took me a while to finish the steps, but aunt H.’s garden gave me life, after.

When I saw the garden, all I wanted to do was to walk all over the place, watch all the plants, admire its different tones, shapes and scents. I distracted myself from the pain. Or maybe, the garden was so therapeutic that I wasn’t feeling any pain.

Who knows what really happened, but what I do know is that when I saw my mom and aunt H. walking on the garden, admiring every plant and reciting its story, talking about everything and enjoying life, I knew that’s the type of friendship I aspire to be & to have in my life. ❤

Family means you are part of something great. It means that you will love and be loved forever.

She thought the view was pretty but I thought she was prettier.

The tiniest flower pot you have ever seen.

With my feet on the ground, thank God!

My lady enjoying the garden!

This is a Don Quijote statue made of bronce!

This is a pineapple!

The tiniest flower pot from another angle because I couldn’t have enough of it! ❤

My mom, being patient (and really gorgeous) with my slowness to climb the stairs.

Best friends!

Not all the leaves are created equal, but they all are amazingly beautiful. ❤

Thanks for everything, mom. ❤

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Compramos puertas de madera macizas blancas para interiores.

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Qué increíble lo que un cambio puede lograr en el hogar. En estos últimos días hicimos la transición de las puertas de madera huecas de hace +25 años a unas hermosas puertas de madera macizas y el lugar se siente más amigable, seguro, limpio y amplio.

Es muy probable que solo sea mi percepción o quizás el color y el hecho de que sea maciza ayude mucho pero, dado que me gusta pasar mucho tiempo en casa, he logrado sentir que mi estado de ánimo dentro ha cambiado mucho. Sé que parte de esto es gracias al yoga y a los ejercicios de respiración, pero vamos, que también es que me siento cada día más a gusto en casita.

Quizás la razón más fuerte para cambiar las puertas no fue el color ni la edad, sino el material, o la falta de él. Las anteriores puertas estaban huecas. Por los años, tampoco tenían perillas. Así que cualquier ser vivo podía instalarse libremente dentro de ella sin pagarnos alquiler. Luego que el material era poroso, así que con miles de hormigas caminando por la noche, era cuestión de tiempo que nos quedásemos sin puertas.

La segunda razón más fuerte, probablemente, sea el hecho de que abrieron un Vidrí cerca de casa y ahora no nos da tanta pereza pensar en viajar para ir de compras para remodelar nuestro hogar. ❤


Dibujos de cuando yo era pequeña en una de las puertas anteriores. Quisiera pensar que estaba dibujando un caracol o un dinosaurio.


Las puertas nuevas con todos sus accesorios para que las podamos instalar sin problemas. No tenía ni idea que los marcos de la puerta venían incluidos en la compra.


Un vistazo a la puerta antes de ser instalada.


¡También les pusimos perillas! Y doradas. ❤ Fue en este instante, en el que le quitaron un pequeño cilindro a la puerta de madera nueva para instalar la perilla, que me di cuenta que las puertas eran macizas. No sé por qué me imaginé que serían huecas, como las anteriores, pero gracias a Dios me equivoqué. 🙂


Todo listo. ❤ Ahora, el paso final es darles una capa de pintura blanca para reforzar el color de la puerta y protegerla al mismo tiempo. ❤

Comentario que no tiene nada que ver con mi entrada en general pero considero necesario mencionarlo: mi cabello ha recibido de buena gana el tratamiento capilar que recibí la semana pasada con esa técnica especial. Mi cabello se siente suave, mucho más suave que cuando me lo planchaba normalmente. En verdad he quedado enamorada y no sé si de la técnica o del tratamiento, lo que sí es que el resultado es mejor de lo que esperaba.

Añade un collar dorado para ir de fiesta y ya está.

Blog, Family, Guatemala, Lifestyle, Travel

Pocas veces en la vida me ha sucedido que tengo una fiesta de improvisto, y digo pocas porque, en realidad, suelo planear mi agenda con meses de anticipación. Pero esta vez fue distinta, resulta que yo estaba fuera del país y la que manejaba mi agenda era mi prima.

Cuando yo ando fuera del país, normalmente ando cómoda, léase camisetas y jeans. Así que cuando recibí el mensaje diciéndome: “tenés que estar lista para la fiesta a las 3pm porque te va a llegar a traer el taxi a esa hora”, me quedé en shock. Ni siquiera tenía tanto tiempo para arreglarme y ni siquiera podía tomar algo de mi ropa para vestirme acorde a la ocasión, ¡no llevaba muchas cosas porque estaba viajando!


Uno de los collares más lindos y grandes y livianos que he visto en mi vida entera.

Al final, me di cuenta que cualquier vestimenta casual y cómoda puede ser convertida en un outfit de fiesta rápidamente con los accesorios correctos. Y como mi prima se dedica a la moda, sabía que ella tenía que tener algo que resaltara.

Justo encontré el collar dorado más grande que había visto jamás y supe que sería el necesario para estar lista.


Mi maquillaje es lo más básico del mundo. Básicamente es pestañas y labios. Los moños que me hice no son el peinado final.

Me terminé presentando con una camiseta blanca, mis pantalones de siempre, los tenis blancos Puma y el collar dorado con mi cabello suelto. Ese día aprendí que arreglarse para una fiesta no debe de ser cansado, no hay que ir a comprar ropa nueva, no hay que ir al salón, no hay que planear la ropa a último detalle… con un collar dorado es más que suficiente para convertir cualquier conjunto cómodo en un atuendo digno de una fiesta traquila. Si querés cansarte, que sea en la fiesta, no antes.

El collar dorado hermoso que utilicé ese día es de BSK pero hay miles de diseños y marcas en el mundo que puedes ver, también. Solo basta que busques algo como collar dorado fiesta en Google para que veas las miles de opciones que existen.


¡Lista para la fiesta!