Tradiciones chiquitas para una familia chiquita. Segunda parte.

Esta es una actualización para mi artículo del 2010 “Tradiciones chiquitas para una familia chiquita“. Que siguen siendo 3 tradiciones pero, con el pasar de los años, las hemos ido modificando y esta es la forma en las que celebramos el Año Nuevo ahorita.

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Did you do the challenge with someone else? #TheQueithShow Episode 6

28 Day Reset:
28 day Reset (vegan):

From 1 to 10, how likely to do the 28 day reset challenge are you?

#TheQueithShow is a homemade serie where I answer the most frequently asked questions on my social media profiles and the most random question that people search to find my blog.


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Milestones that made me happy this June 2018.

I’m still waiting for a grade to be published but I’m out of the semester, now! ❤ This was the most dreading semester ever but, at the same time, having survived it feels so rewarding! I’ve been studying since August ’17 non-stop and I really needed a time off to restart myself. I’m trying to wake up early but without the need of an alarm, I’m cultivating myself in things that are not University related but I’m working every day and also, I’m taking care of myself, specially, of my eye condition.

I had a surgery on June. Funny thing is, I went to the ophthalmologist because I wanted a general review. In that review, she found some dangerous capsules in my eyes that needed to me taken out immediately, or else I would die (her actual words). I was so scared because I have never had a surgery of any kind before. I was alone. My battery was at 3%, I couldn’t even talk to my family and tell them what was going on.

I went to the waiting room and thank God, one of my friends reached me to ask what was going on and he took care of telling my family what was happening. I received a call to the doctor’s office from my family and everything about my transportation home after  the surgery was ready.

So, I went in the surgery room by myself and I was so nervous. The doctor injected me painkiller and then started working. I got really worried when he was scared to see what my eye had. But more than worried, I was sad. I was sad to myself. Because I always thought it was a matter of sleeping more and rest and don’t be in front of the computer that much time, but it seems I had a big infection in both of my eyelids and those capsules in my right eye. I was sad because I misunderstood all those symptoms and thought that “sleeping later” will take care of it.

After a lot of time (I didn’t even have my phone to see how long it took the operation), I looked like a pirate, went to the pharmacy to buy my medicine and went home to thank God for His Mercy and to sleep.

I started taking the pills and putting the drops and being very disciplined about it. The very next week, I had another consultation and it seems that my scar was closing pretty and my infection was dropped down! I’m having a new consultation next week. I hope my infection is getting more defeated than last time!

I’m pretty happy I survived all of this, I’m beyond grateful to God for allowing me to be here after all this time carrying with those capsules and infection in my eyes, anything could have went wrong but it didn’t because He didn’t want to. And here I am, still, working as hard and as smart as I can but with the extra care and attention that my body needs.

I don’t know about you but I really feel that that was a great milestone this June and quite a dangerous adventure, to be honest!

But also I had one milestone in my digital life. While I was looking like a pirate without actually being able to connect to my computer, YOU helped me achieved a new milestone!

+400 subscribers on WordPress!

You guys, I cannot believe this! We are +400 people here in my little corner of the Internet. Thank you so much for deciding to be here and subscribing and reading! I know there are a gazillion sites over there and the fact that you have actually decided consciously to join my little one fills my heart with joy! Thank you so much for being here! ❤

And if you’re not here yet, I invite you to join on this little box:

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I’m yours for a full day!


For mother’s day, I came up with a great idea!
See, in my family, giving stuff is a really complicated thing, because for the basic life we tend to live, we already have too many stuff! Thank God we have clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, books, etc. That’s why we love to celebrate everything with experiences: we celebrate by traveling, by eating, by living!

BUT I couldn’t just go and buy an experience for my mom this year. We were living in scarcity because we were getting ready to receive Genesis (he’s supposed to come to El Salvador, today, so we’re expecting) . I couldn’t spend money to buy a thing because we already have things, I couldn’t spend money to buy an experience because we were saving money at that time.

But I wanted to give her something on her day because I wanted to celebrate her no matter what.
And then I came up with a great idea: I’m yours for a full day!

Sometimes, I think I’m busy with all the University stuff happening or doing work or studying and other times, I’m out of focus when we’re talking and other times, I just have a really bad attitude, I like to think it’s because I’m stressed because finals but, to be honest, it all goes to attitude.


So, I figured what she maybe wanted it wasn’t a thing or an experience, she wanted a change for me. She maybe wanted me to be present and to be a more thoughtful daughter. And that’s what I became.

I told her: I’d do ANYTHING you want me to and I won’t grumble, I swear, but most important: I’d do whatever you want me to with a great attitude, I’ll be present, I’ll do my best and I’ll pay attention!

She was thrilled!

For a long time, she really had this plan of decorating the patio, she wanted to paint the walls, place the plants in a certain way, hang some thingies to place the plants, etc. The thing is she even though of hiring someone to do it. But that’s when my gift came in: I’d do it, mom!

She was directing me and I tried my best of not getting tired and give my best attitude. Whenever I ended a task, I went to her with a smile and said: It’s done, mom, wanna see?

And she was like: WOW, IT’S BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT! And she gave me the best smile ever and a lot of kisses!

You know what? I even noticed that all these tasks were really quick to do. I know painting or gardening are not my most developed skills but they took me less than three hours to complete the patio. When you really have a good attitude and try your best for love, things just work.

I know that this isn’t a gift for another world, it’s no extraordinary and for some people it might not be special at all. In fact, I know that this is how am I supposed to be EVERY DAY. But for my mom it was special, it was appreciated and needed.

I’m trying to make this “I’m yours for a full day” more of a weekly or monthly thing. I take responsibility of every day chores but, sometimes, my mom wants to do something extra with her house and I want her to know that no matter how “busy” it seems I am, I am here for her to accomplish that extra stuff. ❤

Happy mother’s day, mom! Love you to Andromeda and back! ❤

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The way I reacted was not the best.

There is a lot of space for personal improvement still is ridiculous. I’m not the best human on Earth and the way I reacted was not the best.

Yesterday, I faced an obstacle and I was furious. I was ready to scream to the subjects who did this to me, I even think I was ready to say a lot of bad words.

See, I had been working on this Physics report all day and had the intent to end it up in a good presentation at the end of the night or early morning. Because if you know what you’re doing, setting up a report takes one hour max. Anyways, my idea was to finish it at 10pm or 3am.

But at 9:40pm my living room started filling itself with water. There was a leak in my ceiling and the only think that came to my mind is that my upstair neighbors were washing their floor and ruining mine. I was FURIOUS.

First, I started moving everything I could because a lot of our stuff has wood on it. Then, I put on some pants and went upstairs and hit their door. I don’t know what I would have yelled to them but thank God they did not open.

It seems like they left their water running and left the house and they had a flooded floor, too. They were very irresponsible for doing such thing but definitely, they didn’t deserve the yelling I was about to give them for thinking they were just mean for washing their floor at night. Thank God they were not home.

At the end, we stayed until very late trying to dry out everything here. We placed our furniture on top of each other to try to save them. And we took our mops and buckets and started to soak and twist the mops.

It was a long night but 6 buckets later, our house was starting to show some dry spots. Our neighbors came home until 1:30am and the water stopped leaking until very late, like 4am.

I couldn’t work on the Physics report like I was about to, but I did in the morning. I couldn’t even go to my Material Resistance’s class but I could give my Physics report without any issue.

I learned a lot of things about myself with this:

  1. I’m still impulsive af.
  2. After proof, I get to cool tf down.
  3. I knew I was strong enough to move my furniture but I didn’t know I was fast to move them. In emergencies, I am.
  4. I’m very protective of my family and their heritage, no matter how little or big.
  5. I try to work smart because I’m a sleepy lady and love my naps but, boy, I can work hard, too!
  6. There was a moment when I was so puzzled that I had to breath and realize what was going on. After 30 seconds or so, I came back and thought I needed to keep moving.
  7. I love to be in charge but, in emergencies, I can recognize smart authorities, shut my mouth and do what they say without babbling.
  8. Leaks are something I will put some extra attention on because, at the end, construction and earthquake resistance are my passions and I will be VERY good at them.

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