28 Day Reset Challenge by Cassey Ho and Erin Woodbury.

The 28 Day Reset isn’t a challenge / product / ebook / program / diet I made or wrote but it is an experiment I ran in myself and that’s why I consider it a personal project and I would like to share the results with you.

28 Day Reset is a challenge to clean the body by eating nurturing food for 28 days in hopes to find food allergies or intolerances later!

I started this challenge because I like to ask myself one single question in the first day of the year and, conveniently, this year’s was: how my healthiest self would look like? (I don’t like to publish my yearly experiments without having results in hand but believe me when I say this challenge is worth publishing now, just after 4 weeks of trying it!).

I did the 28 Day Reset by Cassey Ho and Erin Woodbury from January 2nd to January 29th (the 28 days needed) and, after what I saw, I wanted to keep 90% of the time the rules to the challenge in my life and leave that tiny 10% open for whatever meal I want to have in special events or birthdays.

Even though Cassey announced the 28 Day Reset Challenge on December 28th (here’s the official announcement), I had my mind already set to find my healthiest self in 2017, so it was pretty convenient for me to find her challenge to kickstart my personal experiment!

Since the 28 Day Reset is about eating clean, you’d think you need to stay away from restaurants and only cook meals in your house but, surprisingly, I was able to eat at 5 different fast-food restaurants and still be 28 Day Reset – accountable.

These 5 fast-food restaurants were: Go Green, Pizza Hut, Quiznos, Subway and San Martín. I’d ask for the salads and ask kindly to the waiter if he could take out the cheeses, dressings and croutons and that was basically it (well, I also checked the ingredients of the salad in the menu so I have a salad with so much more ingredients than lettuce at the end!).

The only way to go through this challenge is if you change your mindset. If you see it as a diet (which Cassey says clearly is not!), you’ll get desperate and most likely not succeed. If you see it as a way to know a little more about yourself, to enjoy a little bit more or just to know what would happen in 28 days, you’ll amaze yourself.

My personal thoughts on this, besides the finding of my healthiest self, was asking myself: if a doctor said to me, right now, I need to change my diet in order to survive, will I be able to do it? A little bit extreme, I know, but it held me accountable for the 28 days I needed.

What I really loved about this challenge is that you have a list of all the food you can eat! You don’t have to think what to eat, you just need to pick the items you like or know how to cook from the list and you’re ready to start!

The 28 Day Reset Challenge I followed was the free version Cassey released in her blog. You can find it here! That’s all you need if you know how to cook or have the willingness to have fun in the kitchen or have the patience to read menus and find amazing salads you can take the cheese out.

Before I share my results, I want to get something clear. I got this results by eating only the things of the list for 28 days + 8 sessions of PIIT28 + a 5k I did on January 22nd. My main focus was eating well and that’s what got most of the results. I worked out just 9 days for less than an hour but, as PIIT28 is intense and a 5k I didn’t train to was also intense, it helped a lot even though I didn’t work out daily. Summary: 70% eating healthy, 30% exercise.

After the 28 Day Reset Challenge, I‘m happy to announce I lost 9kg / 20lbs and an average of 2.4cm on all my meassurements (except my height)!

It’s a lot! Although I was able to feel it on my posture and in some comments from my friends like “you look taller!” because my body was carrying a lot less so it felt lighter to walk without waving my back, I wasn’t able to see it at first sight on my mirror. That’s why I took some photos to track my transformation.

When I did the collage is when I could actually see how much I had changed! I was really amazed and I ended up sharing my transformation over Instagram.

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I'm so happy I joined #28dayreset ! Besides physical changes, I'm feeling better on the inside. Sleeping every day before midnight is great. Not having gases is also great. I feel calm and happy and I almost didn't feel angry this month, I can control my feelings better. I felt this strength inside me that I even managed to run my first 5k! It was crazy tired but I didn't stop (and I wasn't even training for running!). My skin is shining, at least the part that's covering my face (I almost don't moisturize my body and have to change that!). The only thing that's having a hard time to accept the change is my hair, for some reason, my scalp is getting dirtier than usual. But on the other hand, my core is getting stronger and since I have lost a lot of weight (9kg / 20lb), I feel lighter enough to have a better posture. A close friend even told me I looked taller! :)<3 Thanks @blogilates and PIIT princesses for the support! #piit28 #piitprincess

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Later, Cassey asked on Twitter who did the challenge and I replied with my information.


She was amazed, too! She asked me for more details and I attached some more pictures and she replied I inspire her so much!



Sincerely, it was a great honor to get these tweets from both of them! This reminded me what I did on those 28 days it was a really big deal and I should be happy to accomplish this and more!

But this story doesn’t end here! Can you believe Cassey gave me a special shout out on her Instagram and Facebook!? Yes, she did! I’m so honored to be featured on her channels, it means a lot to me, it means I gave my best, it means she saw physical results of her creations in me, it means just wow! ❤

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Congrats to everyone who completed the #28dayreset challenge!!! Looks like clear skin, less bloating, weight loss and overall feelings of happiness are the general results. But I need to give a special shoutout to Katherine @queith for her transformation…girl lost 20 lbs in 28 days only!!!! 👊 I almost didn't believe it so I had to tweet her back and question her. But she confirmed. 👍 See how much changing the way you eat can change you? It all starts from inside. For any of you who are asking what you should do now that the Reset is over, check out my latest blog post on blogilates.com (link in bio). And for anyone who wants to begin the #28dayreset challenge in February download my free PDF at bit.ly/28dayreset. Now go congratulate each other!!!! ❤️🙌

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After this, a lot of girls asked me if 28 Day Reset is possible and if I had some tips to going through the challenge over Direct Messages. I tried to answer them all as fast as I could but I was going a little bit slow because behind my accounts there’s only me.

But I got a little time today so I’m more than happy to share my 15 tips for the 28 Day Reset Challenge so, keep reading! ❤

28 Day Reset Challenge by Cassey Ho and Erin Woodbury.

28 Day Reset Challenge is a nutritious way to clean your body to find intolerances and change your eating habits in less than a month by eating nurturing listed food without counting calories.

Its goal is to restrict some foods for a period to later add them one by one to notice how your body reacts to its consumption.

The 28 Day Reset Challenge started on January 2nd but, as the e-book is available to download any day, a personal challenge can be started whenever.

The ebook can be found here and it has the rules, the list of foods that can be eaten and the restrictions.

The 28 Day Reset Challenge can be seen as the free version of the 28 Day Reset Program in which you’ll find +150 recipes and it has a vegan version, too.

The 28 Day Reset Challenge is free.
The 28 Day Reset Program is just $69USD.
The 28 Day Reset Program (vegan version) is also $69USD.

Cassey Ho is a Fitness Coach, Pop Pilates Creator, PIIT28 Founder and CEO of Blogilates (also named Top 5 health & fitness influencers in the world, and Designer of POPFLEX).

Erin Woodbury is Blogilates Nutrition Coach, Cookbook Author, Editor and Fitness Instructor.

Tips that helped me through the 28 Day Reset Challenge by Cassey Ho and Erin Woodbury.

  1. Only buy the food on the list you like and know how to cook! There’s no need to buy the entire list!
  2. If you don’t know much about cooking, learn the basics: bake, steam, grill, boil or eat raw!
  3. If you bought only the things you like or the things you know how to cook, you’ll be fine. If you need recipes, get the 28dayReset guide or check all the Cheap Clean Eats videos!
  4. Remember that you’re trying to pamper your body through foods that will nurture it, don’t force yourself to eat things on the list that you know you dislike. That’ll be a bad experience and a waste of money.
  5. If you have food that’s not on the list, don’t eat it just to don’t throw it in the garbage can. Freeze it and keep it there to the end of the challenge. You might want to celebrate you did a great job with that pasta a la bolognesa you cooked this week.
  6. It’s so much easier to follow a list if you have food ready. So, whenever you cook, cook in big quantities. One day cook an entire cup of brown rice, another day cook the kilo of Brussel sprouts, other day cook the brocolies… Just serve what you’re gonna eat and save the rest on the fridge for the future.
  7. To add different flavours and enjoy a little bit more the process of cooking, I like to play with the condiments. If I’m cooking something with water, I add aromatic leaves like oregano, alcapate, peppermint, etc (they’re easy to grow in little pots in a home garden!).
  8. If I’m cooking without water, I like to add pepper and aromatic leaves but in their dried version!
  9. If you want to try something new for breakfast, add homemade tomato sauce to a pan and then add two eggs! The heat will cook the eggs and the sauce will give them flavour!
  10. If you bought a lot of fruit, cut half of it in chunks and put them in plastic bags with a zipper in the freezer. This will help you to have your main ingredients ready for your smoothie.
  11. Talking about smoothies, my blender cup is made of glass. So it was kinda heavy every time I washed it. Instead of washing it, clean it this way: right after serving your smoothie, add enough water to the blender cup, add a drop or two of soap and blend. This will clean the cup on the areas you can’t reach with your hand and most of the cup, as well. What you have to do after this requires no time in comparison with the traditional washing method.
  12. If you have a banana that’s too ripe, add it immediatly to a smoothie.
  13. Talking about bananas, if you live in Latin America, take advantage of the different types of bananas we have available. There are the normal bananas we eat as snack and the other bigger bananas we called plátanos. Well, the latter when ripe are delicious as dinner, you can boil it with cinnamon and voilà; when just before they are ripe (with the green skin), they are perfect to make banana toasts, cut them into julienne, add some salt and put them on a pan, then flipped them when golden and they’re done if they’re golden on both sides!
  14. If you live in Latin America, there’s a high probability you won’t find several items on the list on a typical supermarket hall. Don’t look for the brown rice in the basic grains aisle and don’t look for the low sodium soy sauce in the sauces aisle. Take your time to check the gourmet section. I found a lot of listed items over there!
  15. Track your results! You might not see it or have a hard time feeling it but tracking and numbers don’t lie! Take your meassures, take photos, write a diary, weigh yourself every Sunday, whatever you think is appropriate to track you!

I’ll review the PIIT28 1.0 program by Cassey Ho when I finish it, I’m currently on day 20. BUT if you just can’t wait to dive in, read all about it here.

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¡Gané un vino tinto de Beronia en San Valentín!

Aún creo en los concursos de las redes sociales. ♥ Nunca se me ocurrió por la cabeza ganar un vino y dos copas para armar una cenita elegante de San Valentín pero aquí estoy, celebrando que he ampliado mi vajilla.

Quizás la verdadera razón por la que gané fue porque el concurso de San Valentín tenía como objetivo celebrar a la amistad y, etiqueté a mis flaquitas para que entraran al concurso, también. Si hubiera sido del amor, probablemente no te estaría contando nada. 🙂

Otra de las razones por las que quizás salí favorecida es porque la persona encargada de hacer el concurso aún mantiene sus valores como blogger y creadora de contenido, siempre veo que se preocupa de premiar a sus lectores y es justa al momento de hacerlo. Otros muchos, como la mafia de las yogis, solo premian a sus amigos. Pero Doris, de Libritas de Más, es honesta. ♥

Además es súper linda. La conocí el día que fui por mi premio. Su oficina queda increíblemente cerca de mi casa y, por ser zona conocida, me di un respiro y caminé un largo tramo para llegar. Me inspiró tener un tiempito para admirar el volcán de San Salvador. El cielo estaba despejado esa mañana con un azul tan clarito que te hipnotizaba de lo hermoso.

Al final del camino estaba la oficina de Doris. Nos saludamos, nos conocimos y nos dimos un abrazo porque cuando encuentro a personas auténticas, siempre me dan ganas de abrazarlas.

Ella cuidó hasta el más mínimo detalle de la premiación. Aunque yo ya sabía qué traía el premio (una botella de vino + dos copas), el paquete que recibí hizo que fuera toda una experiencia abrirlo. Fue una bolsa negra con papel fuchsia para cuidar que no se quebrara nada y, como adorno de la bolsa, la tarjeta de presentación de Doris. ❤

Muchísimas gracias a Libritas de Más y Bodegas Beronia por este increíble regalo. ❤ Me voy muy contenta de haber participado en su rifa en Instagram. 🙂

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Un inicio de ciclo bastante bonito.

Hoy tengo ganas de escribir un post como los de antes, de los que dice todo pero no dice nada, probablemente solo te interese leer algo así si me conoces o si me tienes cariño. No vas a aprender absolutamente nada de esto, solo vas a conocer qué pasó hoy y te voy a contar mi progreso en todas las cosas.

La verdad es que no sé en qué estaba pensando cuando inscribí todas las materias tan temprano. Vamos, que nunca he sido conocida por ser madrugadora, pero el problema es que ya empiezo a jugar con los horarios únicos de algunas materias y, para no ir solamente por una materia en la mañana y las demás a la hora que me resultase conveniente, lo que hice fue mover todas las materias alrededor de la que tenía horario único. Logré un horario compacto pero, a cambio, voy a sacrificar mis noches de estudio (que solían llegar hasta las 12 de la medianoche o 1am en algunas ocasiones) y tengo que empezar acostumbrarme a estudiar en las tardes en lugar de dormir un poco.


Una de las cosas que me llena de felicidad es que por primera vez no estoy aterrada de llegar a clases porque ¡al fin saqué todas las materias de primer año! Incluso, fue la primera vez que no me molestó en nada que los de nuevo ingreso inscribieran materias un día antes porque al fin no me afectan los horarios que ellos elijan.

Al no estar aterrada por iniciar clases, estoy un poco desconcertada por haber iniciado el ciclo con una discusión de Física. ¡De haber sabido que iba a iniciar esta semana con las discusiones, habría ido a comprar mis cuadernos el viernes antes de irme al volcán! Pero no estuvo mal lo de empezar las discusiones de Física hoy, al menos estoy tranquila por mi catedrático y por tener una compañerita de grupo que conocí en el 2015. 🙂

Fui a comprar mis cuadernos a la librería universitaria porque andaba pensando que no tenía nada para anotar para mi siguiente teórico. ¡Voy a recibir Sólidos 3! Tengo un plan respecto a esta materia y para estas alturas de la vida, ya debería de saber más o menos cómo va saliendo. Quizás no te pueda “soltar” nada ahorita pero algo tené por seguro, no importa cómo salgan las cosas, yo nunca pierdo. Siempre logro encontrar las ventajas a todo, incluso a lo malo y lo desventajoso. Es mi forma de ser y no voy a cambiar ahora. 

¡Otra de las alegrías del día es que pudimos recuperar los planos que Diana y yo estuvimos trabajando todo Diciembre y Enero! 🙂 Esos planos nos han costado sangre, sudor y lágrimas. Nosotras entendíamos que podían no ser perfectos pero estábamos orgullosas de que los habíamos hecho nosotras, nos había costado a nosotras y si había un error, lo habíamos cometido nosotras. Para mi sorpresa, las únicas dos correcciones que nos llegaron fue que nos faltó colocar dos cotas en los planos de perfil e indicar el porcentaje de la pendiente en el mismo plano de perfil. ¡Por lo demás, era un proyecto digno de entregar a la Opamss! ❤ Eso me puso muy contenta.

Me reuní con mis amigos en el teórico de sólidos 3 y fuimos a almorzar juntos. Queríamos intentar almorzar mexicano y nos fuimos a un lugar que queda enfrente del Hospital Bloom, ya nos habían entregado publicidad del sitio cuando abrieron pero nunca habíamos tenido oportunidad de ir. Fuimos y digamos que no salí muy contenta. Para empezar, el sitio estaba vacío cuando llegamos, esa es una de las grandes advertencias para no comer en un lugar. Luego, cuando llegó la comida, me pedí un burrito, traía arroz como para rellenar en lugar de poner comida. 😦 Pero eso no fue lo peor, al momento de probar el primer bocado, la carne estaba súper simple, el chimol estaba simple y la única forma de medio arreglar la falta de sabor del burrito fue agregándole la cebolla curtida en vinagre que estaba en la mesa. 😦 Un poco decepcionante que nuestra primera comida haya sido así pero es lo que hay. Lo bueno que planeamos arreglar esta experiencia yendo a almorzar el miércoles a una cadena de comida japonesa, así que no pasa nada. Solo fue 1 comida mala de 3 que tuve en el día. 🙂


Y ya empecé a armar la lista de pendientes del ciclo, apenas tengo la información de dos materias (mañana me entero de las otras dos) pero ya tengo 35 pendientes del ciclo. La que más se va a robar mi tiempo este ciclo por la cantidad de cosas que hay que trabajar es Física 2.

He terminado el día haciendo el reto de pilates. Voy por el día 12 y siento que he avanzado mucho porque al principio no podía hacer unas abdominales que subo las dos piernas al mismo tiempo y ahora hago las series de 10 repeticiones sin problemas. Me veo al espejo y no veo cambios, es más, me siento más inflamada que nunca, quizás porque como ayer perdí mucha energía, mi cuerpo se está aferrando a todo lo que me como hoy (y siendo honesta, he comido puros carbos porque no me he podido detener desde el 14), pero internamente sí siento cambios, puesto que cada día me cuestan menos los movimientos que hice el día 1, ¡a pesar que cargo con el dolor de pantorrillas! ¡Vamos! ¡Qué me cuesta hasta caminar pero los pilates los saqué sencillos!

Hay miles de cosas más que me alegraron el día pero forman parte de mi vida privada o de la vida privada de otras personas y no me siento cómoda publicando tales cosas. Pero lo que sí voy a decir que a pesar de mi dolor de pantorrillas por haber escalado el volcán de Santa Ana ayer, este ha sido un inicio de ciclo bastante bonito. 🙂

En las fotos de este post estoy a punto de cortarme el pelo con mis flaquitas. ❤

Milestones that made me happy this January 2018

January has been really kind to me! To be a month where I focused most of the time to studying for my Dynamics extra, I actually have to say I managed to accomplished quite a few things! ❤

I started the year with the company of Titiburgos and her family! We had a lovely evening at a pet-friendly beer brewing company eating fries, pizza and desert. Yummy! Also, we went for an ice cream and sat in the middle of the city to watch the Christmas trees and talk. ❤

I also had tons of fun with AutoCAD & Diana, we managed to deliver 6 land survey plans as our final project for Surveying 2 and boy did we work! She was so kind to me she even sent me micro tutorials from her phone so I can understand easily AutoCAD and some of the functions! At the end, we got our 9/10 and couldn’t be happier, thank God that subject is gone! ❤

I also presented my Dynamics extra and, even though I studied 40 days for it, I couldn’t make it. It’s ok, though. I know what I got myself into when I decided to study Civil Engineering, I know this career is tough and I know I have a little bit extra details to work on. Thank God I managed to fix some mistakes about springs and potential energy. You can’t win everything the first time you try. As Gary Vaynerchuk says “it gets way less scary the second time”, I’m gonna work harder to get it right this year for sure!

After my extra, I got the chance to chat with one of my best friends, Rodrigo. We went to an italian restaurant I have wanted to try for so long! I had my raviolis and my panacotta and, somehow, turned around the gloomy feeling of the day with brightness.

Also, we went to celebrate with my family the fact that my aunt is 100% free from cancer and medicines! ❤ Thank God for this amazing gift! He truly has been really good to us. We had the opportunity to gather the family to eat TWICE in a day. We went to walk to the volcano plaza and ending up eating big chunks of meat for dinner and singing panamanian reggaeton in our way home.

Finally, I came back to the days where I can practice yoga for longer, even though I will only enjoy my winter break for 4 weeks, I wouldn’t have it other way. This is my life, this active full-of-obstacles loving fulfilling life is all mine to enjoy ONCE and I’m gonna do it!

Cool January, huh?

How about I tell you how YOU made my January EVEN COOLER?

Milestones that made me happy this January.

+50 subscribers on YouTube!

I cannot believe this! I have never thought we could made it this far, to be honest! But I’m so grateful for everyone of you. This means so much to me! I just launched #TheQueithShow and #ElShowDeQueith which are both series where I answer your most frequently asked questions (first hashtag = English version and second = Spanish version) and the fact that you’re actually hitting that subscribe button translates into “I want to support your crazy project!” AND THAT MEANS A LOT TO ME! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

If this is the first time you visit me, you might be curious about what I’m talking so, here is the link so you don’t miss out! http://youtube.com/KathMontero

Thank you very much for your love, support and attention! ❤

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Cenando en Piccadilly Guatemala zona 1.

La federación salvadoreña de atletismo tuvo a bien pensar en un restaurante italiano para disfrutar nuestra única cena en Guatemala. El viaje para el que yo había empacado 2 días de ropa, resultó ser un viaje exprés de 18 horas.

Fuimos a Piccadilly pensando en el carb-loading. Que es ingesta de carbohidratos para atletas. No puedes comer grandes cantidades de comida en el desayuno el día de una competencia porque te puedes sentir demasiado pesado, pero no puedes solamente desayunar ligero porque la exigencia en una competencia es demasiada, así que la opción más común es hacer una cena llena de carbohidratos que se tarden en descomponer unas ocho horas para que esas propiedades estén a tu servicio cuando estés en el círculo si eres lanzador. 🙂

Caminamos hasta Piccadilly y nos dimos cuenta que es un restaurante de dos pisos que llama la atención por su arquitectura, su olor, sabor y sus precios. 🙂 Teníamos dos opciones: pedir pasta individual o hacer pareja y pedir pizza.

Los señores en Piccadilly fueron muy amables y habilitaron el segundo piso solo para nosotros. Habían algunas mesas en el primer peso, pero cuando sales de viaje, lo que buscan es la convivencia sana entre la selección, por lo que comer separados no era opción.

Luego de que nos sentamos, empezamos a decidir quién iba a pedir qué y quizás solo 3 personas pidieron pasta individual. Yo me uní con Mamu para pedir pizza. Como realmente era un lugar nuevo, no tenía referencias ni internet para buscarlas, así que me fui por la especialidad del chef.

La especialidad del chef siempre es una opción segura cuando vas a un lugar nuevo, porque no importa si todos los platos son regulares, la especialidad del chef tiene que ser de lo mejorcito siempre porque es su especialidad.

Me impresionó que, aunque la pizza no era igual a la de la foto, la verdad era muy parecida y traía bastante comida. ❤

Creo que ya habían cerrado el segundo piso y lo habilitaron para nosotros. ¡Muchas gracias Piccadilly!
Todas las pizzas siempre se ven riquísimas en fotos, pero la opción segura es siempre irse por la especialidad del Chef. Al menos para tener un estándar del lugar nuevo. 🙂
¡No está nada mal! Quizás la cebolla pudo haber venido un poco cocida pero me gusta que la pizza venía llena de comida y muy parecida a la de la foto del menú. ❤

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