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Here’s the plan about Solids’ Mechanics 3.


I deserve nothing. I mean it. I worked hard to understand Dynamics for 40 days and couldn’t make it and that’s ok. 40 days are not enough to understand such a complicated subject and I’m fine by studying the same subject next semester to fully execute the way it’s supposed to be.

I’m understanding how my mind works and, it seems that for these kind of subjects, I need to see them twice to fully understand what is going on. Same happened to me at Differential Equations (I got it the second time).


So, this time I’ll move faster and smarter. I didn’t approve Dynamics (Solids’ Mechanics 2) so I can’t enroll in Solids’ Mechanics 3… officially. But there is no law that forbids me to get in class and listen and learn, thank God! Because that is my plan. I’m getting into class to listen and take notes and understand what I can this semester so, by the time that I can actually enroll into Solids’ Mechanics 3 officially will be the second time I study the subject but the first time I enroll.

By the time I can officially enroll the subject I will be ready!

And, by the time I can enroll Dynamics again (next semester), my mind will not be as asleep as if I wasn’t get into this plan.

I’m just trying to improve performance by listening to the most demanding classes once before enrolling! ❤

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Inicia el año con PIIT28, el programa que me ayudó a deshacerme de +15kg.

Ahora que he rebajado +15kg (+33lb) hay más personas que creen que un cambio es posible y agradezco que sea mi experiencia la que los convenza de que pueden lograrlo. 

Así que, para honrar esa confianza voy a recomendar lo que me funcionó a mí. Yo usé las rutinas de Cassey Ho (mejor conocida como @Blogilates) que sacó bajo el nombre de PIIT28, que son las siglas en inglés para “entrenamiento en intervalos de pilates intensivo” y el 28 es porque el entrenamiento del día dura 28 minutos y una ronda de entrenamientos dura 28 días. 

Central American Athletics Championship.

I threw 33.07m. ❤

But also, got to be the best 6th thrower in Central America. That's awesome!

It's not a medal but I'm officially in the top 10 discus throwers in Central America. ❤

I had to change my mindset since the Guatemala fiasco I faced a few weeks ago and I had to push myself to train harder and better and my coach had to change his training plans and give me a lot of psychological talk to got me out of the sad place I was getting into, but it paid and thank God, we did it!