Milestones that made me happy this June 2018.

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I’m still waiting for a grade to be published but I’m out of the semester, now! ❤ This was the most dreading semester ever but, at the same time, having survived it feels so rewarding! I’ve been studying since August ’17 non-stop and I really needed a time off to restart myself. I’m trying to wake up early but without the need of an alarm, I’m cultivating myself in things that are not University related but I’m working every day and also, I’m taking care of myself, specially, of my eye condition.

I had a surgery on June. Funny thing is, I went to the ophthalmologist because I wanted a general review. In that review, she found some dangerous capsules in my eyes that needed to me taken out immediately, or else I would die (her actual words). I was so scared because I have never had a surgery of any kind before. I was alone. My battery was at 3%, I couldn’t even talk to my family and tell them what was going on.

I went to the waiting room and thank God, one of my friends reached me to ask what was going on and he took care of telling my family what was happening. I received a call to the doctor’s office from my family and everything about my transportation home after  the surgery was ready.

So, I went in the surgery room by myself and I was so nervous. The doctor injected me painkiller and then started working. I got really worried when he was scared to see what my eye had. But more than worried, I was sad. I was sad to myself. Because I always thought it was a matter of sleeping more and rest and don’t be in front of the computer that much time, but it seems I had a big infection in both of my eyelids and those capsules in my right eye. I was sad because I misunderstood all those symptoms and thought that “sleeping later” will take care of it.

After a lot of time (I didn’t even have my phone to see how long it took the operation), I looked like a pirate, went to the pharmacy to buy my medicine and went home to thank God for His Mercy and to sleep.

I started taking the pills and putting the drops and being very disciplined about it. The very next week, I had another consultation and it seems that my scar was closing pretty and my infection was dropped down! I’m having a new consultation next week. I hope my infection is getting more defeated than last time!

I’m pretty happy I survived all of this, I’m beyond grateful to God for allowing me to be here after all this time carrying with those capsules and infection in my eyes, anything could have went wrong but it didn’t because He didn’t want to. And here I am, still, working as hard and as smart as I can but with the extra care and attention that my body needs.

I don’t know about you but I really feel that that was a great milestone this June and quite a dangerous adventure, to be honest!

But also I had one milestone in my digital life. While I was looking like a pirate without actually being able to connect to my computer, YOU helped me achieved a new milestone!

+400 subscribers on WordPress!

You guys, I cannot believe this! We are +400 people here in my little corner of the Internet. Thank you so much for deciding to be here and subscribing and reading! I know there are a gazillion sites over there and the fact that you have actually decided consciously to join my little one fills my heart with joy! Thank you so much for being here! ❤

And if you’re not here yet, I invite you to join on this little box:

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I’m yours for a full day!

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For mother’s day, I came up with a great idea!
See, in my family, giving stuff is a really complicated thing, because for the basic life we tend to live, we already have too many stuff! Thank God we have clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, books, etc. That’s why we love to celebrate everything with experiences: we celebrate by traveling, by eating, by living!

BUT I couldn’t just go and buy an experience for my mom this year. We were living in scarcity because we were getting ready to receive Genesis (he’s supposed to come to El Salvador, today, so we’re expecting) . I couldn’t spend money to buy a thing because we already have things, I couldn’t spend money to buy an experience because we were saving money at that time.

But I wanted to give her something on her day because I wanted to celebrate her no matter what.
And then I came up with a great idea: I’m yours for a full day!

Sometimes, I think I’m busy with all the University stuff happening or doing work or studying and other times, I’m out of focus when we’re talking and other times, I just have a really bad attitude, I like to think it’s because I’m stressed because finals but, to be honest, it all goes to attitude.


So, I figured what she maybe wanted it wasn’t a thing or an experience, she wanted a change for me. She maybe wanted me to be present and to be a more thoughtful daughter. And that’s what I became.

I told her: I’d do ANYTHING you want me to and I won’t grumble, I swear, but most important: I’d do whatever you want me to with a great attitude, I’ll be present, I’ll do my best and I’ll pay attention!

She was thrilled!

For a long time, she really had this plan of decorating the patio, she wanted to paint the walls, place the plants in a certain way, hang some thingies to place the plants, etc. The thing is she even though of hiring someone to do it. But that’s when my gift came in: I’d do it, mom!

She was directing me and I tried my best of not getting tired and give my best attitude. Whenever I ended a task, I went to her with a smile and said: It’s done, mom, wanna see?

And she was like: WOW, IT’S BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT! And she gave me the best smile ever and a lot of kisses!

You know what? I even noticed that all these tasks were really quick to do. I know painting or gardening are not my most developed skills but they took me less than three hours to complete the patio. When you really have a good attitude and try your best for love, things just work.

I know that this isn’t a gift for another world, it’s no extraordinary and for some people it might not be special at all. In fact, I know that this is how am I supposed to be EVERY DAY. But for my mom it was special, it was appreciated and needed.

I’m trying to make this “I’m yours for a full day” more of a weekly or monthly thing. I take responsibility of every day chores but, sometimes, my mom wants to do something extra with her house and I want her to know that no matter how “busy” it seems I am, I am here for her to accomplish that extra stuff. ❤

Happy mother’s day, mom! Love you to Andromeda and back! ❤

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Australia te brinda la posibilidad de aplicar para obtener una visa de residencia permanente.

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Australia es el sexto país más grande del mundo con 7.6 millones de km², sin embargo, tiene una población de tan sólo 21 millones de personas, siendo su densidad de población de 2.8 habitantes por km². En comparación, en Querétaro viven 179 personas por km², en Puebla 186 por km², y en la Ciudad de México ¡casi 6 mil por km²!

“Si eres consultor y estás buscando nuevas oportunidades laborales que además te permitan tener una mejor calidad de vida y ofrecérsela a tu familia, a partir de este año Australia te da la posibilidad de que apliques para obtener una visa de residencia permanente”, explicó Emmanuel Rodríguez, Director VisAustralia para México y Latinoamérica, quien agregó, “Guillermo del Toro comentó algo muy cierto hace unos días en Guadalajara, ‘una vez que la haces en México, la haces en todos lados’, en el caso de Australia ya hay más de 5 mil mexicanos profesionistas marcando la diferencia”.

Australia valora y reconoce la formación profesional y la titulación legal, que es necesaria en varios campos profesionales y puestos de trabajo, por lo que si eres un experto en bienes raíces, administración de propiedades, psicoterapia, ingeniería (excepto petrolera), IT, contaduría, diseño industrial o arquitectura,  debes cubrir los  siguientes requisitos para aplicar a una visa de residente permanente (Skilled Work Visa).

“Los aspirantes deben poseer al menos tres años de experiencia en su disciplina de formación, esto  después de la titulación/certificación, tener un nivel avanzado de inglés y ser menor de 45 años”, explicó el abogado Nicholas Houston, director del despacho migratorio VisAustralia Internacional.

Por su parte, Emmanuel Rodríguez, Director VisAustralia para México y Latinoamérica insistió a todos aquellos que quieran migrar a Australia que éste “es un país cultural, étnica y lingüísticamente heterogéneo, pues casi la mitad de su población ha nacido en el extranjero o es de padres extranjeros, si bien el idioma inglés es el oficial, la mayoría de la población habla otros idiomas. Por eso siempre recibe a los nuevos australianos con los brazos abiertos”.

Define de manera gratuita tu elegibilidad para iniciar el proceso en o bien escribe a
¡Conoce la historia de Itzel aquí!
Te esperamos en para establecer contacto con la oficina de representación para el continente americano.

¡Muchas gracias a Visa Australia por la información para realizar esta nota!

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Capítulo 1: Introducción y Respiración: Yoga desde Cero #YogaDesdeCero

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#YogaDesdeCero es un curso en el que comparto lo que he aprendido de yoga con el objetivo de que aprendas todo hasta nivel básico.

Si quieres ser la primera persona en recibir el siguiente capítulo, inscríbete en esta lista de correos:


What comes after fear? #TheQueithShow Episode 2

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0:54 Did you have a specific goal in mind (when doing the 28 Day Reset)? 20 pounds is a lot!
02:05 Did the 28 Day Reset feel easy, hard?
03:11 At what point did you see the 28 Day Reset was working so well?
04:36 What comes after fear?
06:29 Are you recording #TheQueithShow with the other phone?





#TheQueithShow is a homemade serie where I answer the most frequently asked questions on my social media profiles and the most random question that people search to find my blog.


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¡Gané un vino tinto de Beronia en San Valentín!

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Aún creo en los concursos de las redes sociales. ♥ Nunca se me ocurrió por la cabeza ganar un vino y dos copas para armar una cenita elegante de San Valentín pero aquí estoy, celebrando que he ampliado mi vajilla.

Quizás la verdadera razón por la que gané fue porque el concurso de San Valentín tenía como objetivo celebrar a la amistad y, etiqueté a mis flaquitas para que entraran al concurso, también. Si hubiera sido del amor, probablemente no te estaría contando nada. 🙂

Otra de las razones por las que quizás salí favorecida es porque la persona encargada de hacer el concurso aún mantiene sus valores como blogger y creadora de contenido, siempre veo que se preocupa de premiar a sus lectores y es justa al momento de hacerlo. Otros muchos, como la mafia de las yogis, solo premian a sus amigos. Pero Doris, de Libritas de Más, es honesta. ♥

Además es súper linda. La conocí el día que fui por mi premio. Su oficina queda increíblemente cerca de mi casa y, por ser zona conocida, me di un respiro y caminé un largo tramo para llegar. Me inspiró tener un tiempito para admirar el volcán de San Salvador. El cielo estaba despejado esa mañana con un azul tan clarito que te hipnotizaba de lo hermoso.

Al final del camino estaba la oficina de Doris. Nos saludamos, nos conocimos y nos dimos un abrazo porque cuando encuentro a personas auténticas, siempre me dan ganas de abrazarlas.

Ella cuidó hasta el más mínimo detalle de la premiación. Aunque yo ya sabía qué traía el premio (una botella de vino + dos copas), el paquete que recibí hizo que fuera toda una experiencia abrirlo. Fue una bolsa negra con papel fuchsia para cuidar que no se quebrara nada y, como adorno de la bolsa, la tarjeta de presentación de Doris. ❤

Muchísimas gracias a Libritas de Más y Bodegas Beronia por este increíble regalo. ❤ Me voy muy contenta de haber participado en su rifa en Instagram. 🙂

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Here’s the plan about Solids’ Mechanics 3.

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I deserve nothing. I mean it. I worked hard to understand Dynamics for 40 days and couldn’t make it and that’s ok. 40 days are not enough to understand such a complicated subject and I’m fine by studying the same subject next semester to fully execute the way it’s supposed to be.

I’m understanding how my mind works and, it seems that for these kind of subjects, I need to see them twice to fully understand what is going on. Same happened to me at Differential Equations (I got it the second time).


So, this time I’ll move faster and smarter. I didn’t approve Dynamics (Solids’ Mechanics 2) so I can’t enroll in Solids’ Mechanics 3… officially. But there is no law that forbids me to get in class and listen and learn, thank God! Because that is my plan. I’m getting into class to listen and take notes and understand what I can this semester so, by the time that I can actually enroll into Solids’ Mechanics 3 officially will be the second time I study the subject but the first time I enroll.

By the time I can officially enroll the subject I will be ready!

And, by the time I can enroll Dynamics again (next semester), my mind will not be as asleep as if I wasn’t get into this plan.

I’m just trying to improve performance by listening to the most demanding classes once before enrolling! ❤

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Un inicio de ciclo bastante bonito.

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Hoy tengo ganas de escribir un post como los de antes, de los que dice todo pero no dice nada, probablemente solo te interese leer algo así si me conoces o si me tienes cariño. No vas a aprender absolutamente nada de esto, solo vas a conocer qué pasó hoy y te voy a contar mi progreso en todas las cosas.

La verdad es que no sé en qué estaba pensando cuando inscribí todas las materias tan temprano. Vamos, que nunca he sido conocida por ser madrugadora, pero el problema es que ya empiezo a jugar con los horarios únicos de algunas materias y, para no ir solamente por una materia en la mañana y las demás a la hora que me resultase conveniente, lo que hice fue mover todas las materias alrededor de la que tenía horario único. Logré un horario compacto pero, a cambio, voy a sacrificar mis noches de estudio (que solían llegar hasta las 12 de la medianoche o 1am en algunas ocasiones) y tengo que empezar acostumbrarme a estudiar en las tardes en lugar de dormir un poco.


Una de las cosas que me llena de felicidad es que por primera vez no estoy aterrada de llegar a clases porque ¡al fin saqué todas las materias de primer año! Incluso, fue la primera vez que no me molestó en nada que los de nuevo ingreso inscribieran materias un día antes porque al fin no me afectan los horarios que ellos elijan.

Al no estar aterrada por iniciar clases, estoy un poco desconcertada por haber iniciado el ciclo con una discusión de Física. ¡De haber sabido que iba a iniciar esta semana con las discusiones, habría ido a comprar mis cuadernos el viernes antes de irme al volcán! Pero no estuvo mal lo de empezar las discusiones de Física hoy, al menos estoy tranquila por mi catedrático y por tener una compañerita de grupo que conocí en el 2015. 🙂

Fui a comprar mis cuadernos a la librería universitaria porque andaba pensando que no tenía nada para anotar para mi siguiente teórico. ¡Voy a recibir Sólidos 3! Tengo un plan respecto a esta materia y para estas alturas de la vida, ya debería de saber más o menos cómo va saliendo. Quizás no te pueda “soltar” nada ahorita pero algo tené por seguro, no importa cómo salgan las cosas, yo nunca pierdo. Siempre logro encontrar las ventajas a todo, incluso a lo malo y lo desventajoso. Es mi forma de ser y no voy a cambiar ahora. 

¡Otra de las alegrías del día es que pudimos recuperar los planos que Diana y yo estuvimos trabajando todo Diciembre y Enero! 🙂 Esos planos nos han costado sangre, sudor y lágrimas. Nosotras entendíamos que podían no ser perfectos pero estábamos orgullosas de que los habíamos hecho nosotras, nos había costado a nosotras y si había un error, lo habíamos cometido nosotras. Para mi sorpresa, las únicas dos correcciones que nos llegaron fue que nos faltó colocar dos cotas en los planos de perfil e indicar el porcentaje de la pendiente en el mismo plano de perfil. ¡Por lo demás, era un proyecto digno de entregar a la Opamss! ❤ Eso me puso muy contenta.

Me reuní con mis amigos en el teórico de sólidos 3 y fuimos a almorzar juntos. Queríamos intentar almorzar mexicano y nos fuimos a un lugar que queda enfrente del Hospital Bloom, ya nos habían entregado publicidad del sitio cuando abrieron pero nunca habíamos tenido oportunidad de ir. Fuimos y digamos que no salí muy contenta. Para empezar, el sitio estaba vacío cuando llegamos, esa es una de las grandes advertencias para no comer en un lugar. Luego, cuando llegó la comida, me pedí un burrito, traía arroz como para rellenar en lugar de poner comida. 😦 Pero eso no fue lo peor, al momento de probar el primer bocado, la carne estaba súper simple, el chimol estaba simple y la única forma de medio arreglar la falta de sabor del burrito fue agregándole la cebolla curtida en vinagre que estaba en la mesa. 😦 Un poco decepcionante que nuestra primera comida haya sido así pero es lo que hay. Lo bueno que planeamos arreglar esta experiencia yendo a almorzar el miércoles a una cadena de comida japonesa, así que no pasa nada. Solo fue 1 comida mala de 3 que tuve en el día. 🙂


Y ya empecé a armar la lista de pendientes del ciclo, apenas tengo la información de dos materias (mañana me entero de las otras dos) pero ya tengo 35 pendientes del ciclo. La que más se va a robar mi tiempo este ciclo por la cantidad de cosas que hay que trabajar es Física 2.

He terminado el día haciendo el reto de pilates. Voy por el día 12 y siento que he avanzado mucho porque al principio no podía hacer unas abdominales que subo las dos piernas al mismo tiempo y ahora hago las series de 10 repeticiones sin problemas. Me veo al espejo y no veo cambios, es más, me siento más inflamada que nunca, quizás porque como ayer perdí mucha energía, mi cuerpo se está aferrando a todo lo que me como hoy (y siendo honesta, he comido puros carbos porque no me he podido detener desde el 14), pero internamente sí siento cambios, puesto que cada día me cuestan menos los movimientos que hice el día 1, ¡a pesar que cargo con el dolor de pantorrillas! ¡Vamos! ¡Qué me cuesta hasta caminar pero los pilates los saqué sencillos!

Hay miles de cosas más que me alegraron el día pero forman parte de mi vida privada o de la vida privada de otras personas y no me siento cómoda publicando tales cosas. Pero lo que sí voy a decir que a pesar de mi dolor de pantorrillas por haber escalado el volcán de Santa Ana ayer, este ha sido un inicio de ciclo bastante bonito. 🙂

En las fotos de este post estoy a punto de cortarme el pelo con mis flaquitas. ❤

Milestones that made me happy this January 2018

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January has been really kind to me! To be a month where I focused most of the time to studying for my Dynamics extra, I actually have to say I managed to accomplished quite a few things! ❤

I started the year with the company of Titiburgos and her family! We had a lovely evening at a pet-friendly beer brewing company eating fries, pizza and desert. Yummy! Also, we went for an ice cream and sat in the middle of the city to watch the Christmas trees and talk. ❤

I also had tons of fun with AutoCAD & Diana, we managed to deliver 6 land survey plans as our final project for Surveying 2 and boy did we work! She was so kind to me she even sent me micro tutorials from her phone so I can understand easily AutoCAD and some of the functions! At the end, we got our 9/10 and couldn’t be happier, thank God that subject is gone! ❤

I also presented my Dynamics extra and, even though I studied 40 days for it, I couldn’t make it. It’s ok, though. I know what I got myself into when I decided to study Civil Engineering, I know this career is tough and I know I have a little bit extra details to work on. Thank God I managed to fix some mistakes about springs and potential energy. You can’t win everything the first time you try. As Gary Vaynerchuk says “it gets way less scary the second time”, I’m gonna work harder to get it right this year for sure!

After my extra, I got the chance to chat with one of my best friends, Rodrigo. We went to an italian restaurant I have wanted to try for so long! I had my raviolis and my panacotta and, somehow, turned around the gloomy feeling of the day with brightness.

Also, we went to celebrate with my family the fact that my aunt is 100% free from cancer and medicines! ❤ Thank God for this amazing gift! He truly has been really good to us. We had the opportunity to gather the family to eat TWICE in a day. We went to walk to the volcano plaza and ending up eating big chunks of meat for dinner and singing panamanian reggaeton in our way home.

Finally, I came back to the days where I can practice yoga for longer, even though I will only enjoy my winter break for 4 weeks, I wouldn’t have it other way. This is my life, this active full-of-obstacles loving fulfilling life is all mine to enjoy ONCE and I’m gonna do it!

Cool January, huh?

How about I tell you how YOU made my January EVEN COOLER?

Milestones that made me happy this January.

+50 subscribers on YouTube!

I cannot believe this! I have never thought we could made it this far, to be honest! But I’m so grateful for everyone of you. This means so much to me! I just launched #TheQueithShow and #ElShowDeQueith which are both series where I answer your most frequently asked questions (first hashtag = English version and second = Spanish version) and the fact that you’re actually hitting that subscribe button translates into “I want to support your crazy project!” AND THAT MEANS A LOT TO ME! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

If this is the first time you visit me, you might be curious about what I’m talking so, here is the link so you don’t miss out!

Thank you very much for your love, support and attention! ❤

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Facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever II

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Long story short, I went to the Independence Day parade with my family and saw all these weapons. I didn’t know what exactly to feel so I thought that maybe I didn’t need to feel something or have an opinion about it. It was wiser to study the whole history about my country and find amazing facts than to decide what to feel just with one chapter. And that’s what I’ve been doing the last few days. Reading history and finding facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever. 

Facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever.

  1. The main cash crop in El Salvador was the indigo. But the crisis and dissapearing of indigo happened at the same time coffee was introduced. The purpose was to eradicate communal lands and ejidos to grow coffee and it caused population without lands to migrate to the urban areas to subsist. (1892-1932).
  2. Public investment grow to develop industry in town and intensified cotton cultivation. Cotton rid food crops and people who cultivated food had to migrate to the urban areas to subsist. (1950-1970).
  3. Civil War (1981-1992) caused population to migrate to the urban areas to survive. In 1981, 164,297 salvadorans migrated. By 1992, there were 427,892 salvadorans migrating.
  4. The overpopulated municipalities in San Salvador are 8 (of 16): San Salvador, Mejicanos, Soyapango, Ciudad Delgado, Ayutuxtepeque, Apopa, San Marcos and Ilopango.
  5. The most important tourist attraction sites of Morazán state are waterfalls made by 7 rivers, caves or grottoes, some of them with rock writing (being the most famous the Corinto one), lagunitas, archaeological sites in Cacaopera and Delicias de Concepción municipalities, the San Francisco Gotera colonial church, Perquín population, indian cemetery on Delicias de Concepción municipality.
  6. The main resources of El Salvador are: corn, oranges, cows, silver, concrete, beer and tobacco.
  7. El Salvador is considered one of the countries that suffers the greatest deterioration of natural resources and the environment in Latin America. Two thirds of its soils are eroded, only 2% of the original forests remain, 90% of the rivers are polluted by sewage, agrochemicals and industrial waste, and significant amounts of gases harmful to health are emitted causing the greenhouse effect.
  8. To establish coffee as the new main export product, the vegetation of the heights and slopes was practically replaced by a crop that is itself a true forest, in which coffee trees are accompanied by a variety of shade tree species, many of which are representatives of the original flora.
  9. One of the biggest environmental threats today derives from the uncontrolled urbanization process that takes place in many parts of the country.
  10. It is considered that less than 3 percent of industries and agro-industries treat their waste before dumping it into water bodies.

I found these facts from page 87 to page 143 of the Encyclopedia of El Salvador. ❤
There’re more to come!

If you want to read more about my country, why won’t you go to read the first 10 facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever? 🙂

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Facts about El Salvador I want to remember forever