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God answers all your prayers.

I haven’t open my mouth to tell them but God opened their hearts to call me and save me.

I’m going away for a few weeks but it’s not for holidays or vacations or having fun. I’m going away because I needed it and God answered to my prayers.

Recently, I heard a death threat was coming for me. I didn’t know why since I don’t actually talk with anybody. But just knowing I could lose my life for doing nothing made me lose my sleep.

I couldn’t sleep for 4 nights and I tried to do three things at the same time: painting my house, crying while painting and praying. Praying a lot. Asking why to God, asking him for protection, asking for answers, asking to correct me if I won that threat for something I did and I haven’t noticed, asking Him to be with me in any moment and finally, accepting His will.

As a child of God, I know I’m protected every day, everywhere, and I know I will die the day God gives the command to death to touch me. Until that very moment, I’m protected. Fear made me question Him for 4 nights but finally, I accepted His will, because, honestly, there’s nothing I can do better than Him. And even though I cried 4 nights in denial, He answered me in the most loving way.

My family needed me across the border for a couple of weeks so I made my bags and took a bus to go away for a few days. My family over there doesn’t know a thing, seriously, I haven’t open my mouth to tell them but God opened their hearts to call me and save me.

I’m really happy I’m a child of the most loving God who keeps protecting me even when the only thing I do when I’m scared is ask Him why.

Update: I sewed my gladiator sandals and they’re stronger than ever. I’m pretty confident they will keep up with me this time.


14 reasons to choose a travel agency and never plan a trip again!

This was the first time I traveled with a travel agency and what happened was not expected.

I only knew 2 types of trips.

  • The trip that had an agenda because I was visiting a new country as an athlete and someone else had planned everything for me.
  • The trip that was not planned at all, just happened for the sake of moving my body anywhere else and discover new places from there.

But I happened to knew a third type: the trip I paid for someone else to plan it and create an agenda so my body can still be moved anywhere else and admire new places.

Sounds like fun! Believe me, sometimes, investing a little extra for someone else to take care of the details is better than trying to make everything yourself, specially when the people you’re paying are making this for a living and you happen to be so tired from working/studying for +10 months non-stop.

It was my first time traveling like this, so I really expect the basics:

  • Transportation and security from my city to the destination.
  • Pretty landscapes I can’t admire at my own country. 
  • Comfy seats so I can sleep on the road. 

But the travel agency I chose, went far beyond that.

They asked for my ID to fill the papers themselves two days before the trip. As this was never happened to me before, I was a little suspiscious and took the photo but hide my signature. I figured they only needed my ID number and my full name, so.

They asked us to reunite near a well known mall in the city. It wasn’t a busport or an airport but it was a public place we were all familiar with and that gave me confidence.

They called us by our names to get on the transportation. This doesn’t seem like a big deal but, order in the trip was guaranteed with this very detail and in every stop, they made sure everybody who say “here!” in the morning, was still there during the day.

They gave us a snack for the trip, that was big enough to distribute during the day. Two sandwiches, peanuts, cookies and a juice.

They made all the papers to cross the border, we didn’t need to get off the transportation at all. The police officer just went to our transportation, took all our papers, looked at us and let us go!

They paid all the tickets to get in the pretty places. We didn’t make any effort to get in the pretty places, I basically slept in the road and woke up whenever we landed in a new place.

They took us pictures during the trip, this way we didn’t have only selfies to show and, of course, they have material to show how amazing their trips are in their social media channels!

They gave us enough liberty to know all the places at our own pace. You didn’t have to be with everyone else if you didn’t want to, you have certain period of time to admire the place and then, you should meet everybody in the exit.

They waited for every single one of us, even if they were 10 minutes late to the transportation. It happened to me that I went for Nutella crêpes at Oakland Mall and noticed I had like 5 minutes left to go out. I started walking myself out of the mall and got lost, like every store there looked the same and couldn’t find the exit quickly like I thought I would. When I finally found it, 15 minutes later (yes, the mall it was that big!), they were waiting for me and told me I have nothing to worry about because they’re gonna wait for me!

They made a raffle when we were heading back home. And I won a pair of audiophones! Funny thing is, in that morning I said to Sari: Oh, no! I forgot my audiophones and I won’t listen to music in the whole trip. 😦 But at the end of the day, I had a brand new pair to enjoy my way back!

They gave us more promos and discounts for next trips, because they know it’s more likely for a happy customer to buy something else in the future than to gain a new customer.

I think for my first trip with a travel agency this is not a bad treatment, in fact, is more than what I expected, so much more than what I expected. This is why I wanted to share the things I found out this travel agency offers.

I believe in good feelings and they made me feel good, they cared for every single one of us, they planned everything for every single one of us, they created good experience for every single one of us. This is the only reason I’m sharing this. Because good companies need to be known. 

Look, I’m not getting anything to write this, in fact they don’t even know I’m writing this, and probably will never know but I really think that every single one of you would like to be treated this good in a trip and I just happened to know one travel agency that does treat you this good.

If you ever want to travel in Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica), consider checking Turisteando SV packages! They publish new packages like every 2 weeks.

Here you have their Instagram and Facebook if you want to take a look!


Paseo Cayalá, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Paseo Cayalá is a dream made a city.

I want to confess something: I don’t like to search for pictures of the places I’m goint to travel to. It feels like ruining the surprise for me. I like to fall in love at first sight with the places. That’s what happened with Paseo Cayalá.

The only things I knew about it was the things I heard, like it was beautiful and you feel like walking in Europe and, of course, it was expensive to live in (yes, you can live in Paseo Cayalá, because it also has residences behind the mall and those houses were to die for!).

But heard about it and observe it by myself are two different sensations. And, sometimes, I like it better when I know nothing about that place and blind-fall in love with it. It gives me the space to imagine stories that happened there and to admire it unconditionally.

So, when we got to Paseo Cayalá, the first thing I asked myself was: What is this place? It looked so green and buildings so white. The only flowers adding some color to the view were hydrangeas, anything else had a pattern of white, brown and green.

The streets were rustic, or that made you feel, full of flat stones so your feet won’t hurt when walking. There were a lot of buildings, white buildings, with a lot of stores in them. The windows were tall and big. Every building, even though we already knew it was a mall, appeared like a house.

There were only like 2 buildings in the mall area that weren’t like the others. One with some stairs and columns in it and the other that was a catholic church. We went to the church first, we wanted to get a mass there but, we had back luck that day and found it closed.

We decided to go to the Farmers Market in the middle of Paseo Cayalá and bought some coconut water.

Then, we went back to the other building that was different and noticed it had some amazing details like corncobs at the top of every column. I figured it had to do something with culture.

We went up the stairs and saw from there, there was a huge garden where there was a lot of movement, white chairs and white tables and a lot of people running all over the place, I figured it had to do with a wedding.

We left for our last stop the Cayalá Giant, which is a marble sculpture of a giant laid on the ground.

The place was so gorgeous and so thematic I thought it has to have some history! In the way back home, I was thinking if that was an historic place who then, someone, transformed in this gorgeous city. They might used the structures and renew some things to give it a decadent look but as chic as this era. I imagined a lot of things, so many things that when I got back to my house, I needed to find out some more about Paseo Cayalá’s history.

And here is the only disappointment I got from this place: Paseo Cayalá has no history behind it, it was build to be this way. There was no family in there before, there is no old structures used to make it look this way, there was no history. It was a bummer for sure, such an interesting place with no history looks like a disappointment.

But then I thought that was even better! See, this place was an empty space before, and it took 10 years to create it just with the purpose of creation and movement, they gave it this feeling of old city made new, just because they wanted to. They created something from nothing. There was no history there, it is written today!

As a writer I tend to forget that not every piece has to have a history, sometimes I just could describe what’s in there without telling a story and that’s a piece of work and that’s ok.

As a creator, I tend to forget that I have the permission to create something just for the sake of create it, just for the sake of it to be beautiful.

As a person, I tend to forget I don’t need to have a story to tell but I’m writing history with my actions every day!










Farmers Market, Paseo Cayalá, Guatemala City, Guatemala

We also went to Paseo Cayalá, and even though I’ll post a little bit more about it later, I want to show some pictures of the Farmers Market, first!

It’s imperative for me to do this, because I really love to see the inventions of local creators! This was special because it was inside of a luxurious mall. And it was more than special when I could see that the product were most homemade as any market in the world.

We found jellies, like 50 flavors of them, cheesecakes, mexican food (because everybody anywhere wants to have a good mexican taco!) and treats. But also found things that weren’t food, like lamps, cups, glasses, soaps, sponges, home accesories and a lot of mini Santas ready to make your house feel Christmasy!

I really loved the autoctone feeling of the market. It felt like we were in another dimension and then, back to reality when we were out the market and saw the amazing buildings at Paseo Cayalá.

To be honest, I didn’t know there was a Farmers Market in Paseo Cayalá, so, I didn’t go with the mindset of buying something there. I just wanted to look. Everything was so colorful, I had to look. I enjoy visiting these kind of markets because I reassure myself everything made with love and purpose is sellable. Everything made by a creator will have value for someone else. There’s a market for everybody. There’s a market for every product. 

As a creator myself, I constantly need this kind of inspiration and confidence to be reminded. If you take the time, you could find a lot of proof to release your doubts and get to work. We all need this kind of answers every once in a while!

I just wanted to look but at the end, I had to buy a little thing I couldn’t resist! Can you guess what was it? 🙂


Oakland Mall, Guatemala City, Guatemala

We visited Oakland Mall, too!

As soon as I got there, my family detector activated and I told the girls I wanted to visit Forever 21 to see if I found someone I knew.

What we found first was a big white wall where we had a little photoshoot. We were dressing the same colors, once again, so we had to take pictures of ourselves like we were twins.

Also, you never ignore a big white wall. No matter if a lot of people is passing by and interrupts your photoshoot.

After our mini-photoshoot, my family detector felt stronger, so I started going up stairs inside the store and BAM! I found my cousin in the end of the store! It was so nice to see her and it was totally random because, she told me it was her first day in that store. The day before she was in another mall so our hug it was totally meant to be!

Then, we went to the food court and ate a lot of chinese food. We made the mistake of thinking a brand we knew in El Salvador would be yummy-like in Guatemala. And it was not. That’s because another local brand is the yummiest in Guatemala, a brand we have never listened before.

But we recovered from the disappointment on the chinese food by eating some Nutella crêpes made in a Volkswagen van inside the mall. ❤