OPINIÓN PERSONAL HONESTA: Avon True Color Ultra Matte Chocolate Crush – YouTube

¡Abrí mi lápiz labial Avon True Color Ultra Matte FPS15! Es de color Chocolate Crush.

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OPINIÓN PERSONAL HONESTA: Avon Color Trend Turquesa – YouTube

Mi opinión personal honesta de hoy es el unboxing y reseña del esmalte de Avon Color Trend color Turquesa. Solamente faltaría ver cuántos días me dura el esmalte sin descascararse.

A continuación subo fotografía de los días que me duró el esmalte con uso rudo de mis manos. 🙂

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Cómo funciona el mini monopod (español)

Opinión personal y honesta sobre el Mini Monopod en español, un selfie stick que se puede doblar y lograr un tamaño bastante compacto que no necesita baterías ni aplicaciones extras para funcionar. Hago pruebas de funcionamiento en un Windows Phone, Android Gama Baja y Android Gama Alta. 🙂

Una de las sorpresas del Mini Monopod de las que me di cuenta después de haber grabado el video es que puedes controlar las funcionalidades de las historias en Instagram con el botón del mango. ❤

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My Casio fx-9860G Slim Graphic Calculator 💙

As I started studying engineering, I knew I needed a calculator to help me out.

I left my favorite calculator at Mexico, the one I bought on 2002. The good thing is that I know it’s safe because one of my best friends at Mexico has it.

So, I was calculatorless here and had to do something about it. As I am one weirdo girl who like to buy something that’s useful for long, I thought a graphic calculator was a great idea.

And indeed it was. I got the Casio fx-9860G Slim Graphic Calculator and it has been amazing!

I like it because it does what is supposed to. But also gives me a little bit more than what it promised!

I have had it for less than a year and to be honest, I’m still discovering some functions and menus on it.

I got it on Sears El Salvador at Multiplaza.

One of the things I like the most is that is not a big calculator. As you can fold it in half, it seems like it’s make up or something like that and saves a lot of space!

If you’re learning or practicing math, you’re gonna love it. It’ll help you a lot with Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Probability and Financial Mathematics.

If you’re learning or practicing math + physics or chemistry, this is not the calculator you need. This model doesn’t have any chemistry or physics options.

I don’t know if it’s normal for a graphic calculator to NOT have physics or chemistry functions. This is my first graphic calculator. I mention it because my last calculator, the one is at Mexico, has a lot of options to chemistry and physics. It even had a table with some constant and its value.

But this one doesn’t. So, if you need it for math, you’re gonna love it.

Remember that “just math” is still an immense world. Some things you’re definitely will love in the fx-9860G calculator are: Natural input, graph and tables, dynamic graphs, regression graphs, AP calculus, AP statistics, financial functions, spreadsheet, syntax help, eactivity and onboard function manual!

It uses triple AAA batteries to work but I discovered something recently. It can also work with electricity (instead of just plug in the USB cable, I connected the USB cable to my Nokia charger and it worked even though my batteries are dead, lol!).

What about the price? Well, I think you’ll be happy to know that this graphic calculator is less than $100 USD!

Even though it has its weaknesses, I love how much it has helped me this year!

Hey, if you like this honest review of my calculator, maybe you’ll like even more the monthly email I send to my friends at http://kath.pw 💙

Selfie stick takes great photos! 💙💚

I got a selfie stick thanks to Movistar!

I was invited to the launch of Movistar summer I got a selfie stick so I can take great photos of San Salvador!

I loved my selfie stick even more because it was aqua! 💙

What’s a selfie stick?

A selfie stick is a great device for photograph and video yourself anywhere!

Even though summer is almost over, the selfie stick stays longer. Here comes the rainy season which is also a beautiful time to take great photos.

I used my selfie stick for the first time near a restaurant called Olas Permanentes (“permanent waves”) because, you know, we were saying hello to the summer.

Maybe you’re thinking “seriously, a restaurant? You got a selfie stick and first used it IN A RESTAURANT?” so, I’ll explain myself.

I went to a restaurant to the launch of Movistar Summer but then I tried my selfie stick on a crane 14 meters over the ground, near that restaurant and with an amazing sunset of San Salvador (you can see Torre Futura and San Salvador volcano in my photo!).

It was an amazing day, I just wish I wasn’t using a dress that time! 😳 But thank God Gerson borrowed me his motorcycle pants so I had no problem going up that crane!

How to install and use a selfie stick?

Selfie sticks are easy to use! I learned how to use mine while going up that crane.

  • Connect your camera to the selfie stick adapter using the tripod insert.
  • Fully extend the selfie stick.
  • Set up time or video mode on your camera and press the capture button.
  • Extend, aim, smile.
  • Make sure the lens is pointing at you and you will be in the picture.

If you use the selfie stick with your smartphone, the selfie stick comes with a remote that recognizes the camera of an iOS or Android. 🙂

Or if you have a digital camera and want to take a great video, just unplug the smartphone adaptor and you will have the tripod insert only, it’s universal so any digital camera will do. 😉 (I use the selfie stick with my Canon ❤ ).

What can I use a selfie stick for?

I know the name could confuse you a little, “selfie stick”, well, is not just for selfies.

A selfie stick is perfect for:

  • Traveling.
  • Video diaries.
  • Video blogging.
  • Hiking/camping.
  • Weddings.
  • Parties.
  • The beach.
  • Concerts.
  • Aerial photos.
  • Sports events.

So, not selfies only, huh? 😉

What are the specifications of a selfie stick?

  • Cameras interface: Universal 1/4 screw.
  • Net weight: 130g.
  • Size: 7 segments.
  • Max weight: 500g.
  • Closes-Extends: 20-97cm.

To be honest, this is the gadget I’m using for all of my photos and for my videos I use a mini tripod, so the selfie stick being compatible with mi Canon is like the greatest thing ever!!! ❤

Thanks to Movistar for inviting me to the launch of Movistar Summer and for my selfie stick! ❤ I can’t get enough of it! 😀

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