Standing Forward Fold Beginner MODE ON!

This is not the traditional path to get in a forward fold, but this no-traditional way actually helped me faster than the other options. More

Following Free Online Yoga Classes For Beginners.

One thing is having a routine to do every day like the sun salutation but following free online yoga classes allows me to find other asanas and other compilations to appreciate my body and its mechanical properties. I followed some YouTube classes because they’re convenient for a beginner.More

CAPÍTULO 3: Lizard, Plank, Chaturanga, Cobra y Upward Facing Dog: Yoga desde Cero #YogaDesdeCero

YogaDesdeCero es un curso en el que comparto lo que he aprendido de yoga con el objetivo de que aprendas todo hasta nivel básico. Si quieres ser la primera persona en recibir el siguiente capítulo, inscríbete en esta lista de correos: TWITTER: http://Queith.netMEDIUM: