PIIT28 1.0 is a fitness program I found last year with the help of Instagram. It’s actually pretty funny because I was trying to get over my knee injury so I started practicing sports with no knee impact (like swimming, yoga and pilates) and suddenly I started these yoga challenges and then I found out about Cassey (most known as Blogilates).

As I was getting stronger, I was able to perform most of the Beginners Calendar program and then, I made the jump to get PIIT28 1.0 because all of my InstaYogaFriends said they loved it and they were always uploading this before/after pictures and I wanted to see if PIIT28 worked for me, too!

I got a juicy discount in the last months of 2016 to get PIIT28 and here we are!

PIIT28 1.0 by Cassey Ho

PITT28 1.0 by Cassey Ho is a fitness program that lasts 28 days for round and 28 minutes per session. It has the fitness calendar, the Instagram challenge calendar, +70 GIFs to help you remember the movements, +15 videos to work along with you and 2 books! One with all the program and the other with the stretching program.

Here I’m talking about the first book.

I know most of the people just need the videos of the gifs (I work out with the gifs only and turn on my music, for example) but it’s important to read the theory of the program, the right movements of every exercise, the posture techniques and what you have to take care of when following PIIT28.

It’s important because PITT stands for Pilates Intense Interval Training, which means it is really hard and you should take care of all the details before diving in. For example, I gave a look at everything I could before my first session because of the knee injury and my joints. Been slowly moving forward since then.

This book was launched back in April 2016 and it can be read everywhere since it’s an ebook (the program, too! All the videos are in a dedicated server and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world or how good your Internet is, you can always choose the quality of the videos to fit your needs!).

You can read the book if you get the PIIT28 1.0 package here.

If you’re asking WHY would you need to read a book about a fitness program, I might get you. But you really need to read at least this one because it has all the general map of the program, the details of every session, the posture techniques and, my favorite, the modified exercises (when you’re starting, you need to modify some exercises because PITT is wild the first round!).

There’s no way to read the book only, you have to get the program but, good news, it’s only $39USD.

This book is meant for PIITsters, popsters and fitness lovers who want to challenge themselves. You don’t need to be a pro in the gym, you just have to have the courage to love your body enough to move around with it. โค

If you want to know more about the program I’m following (currently on day 16!), read about PIIT28 1.0 here.

Favorite quotes from PIIT28 by Cassey Ho.

  1. If you want it this BAD ENOUGH, you will figure out a way to KEEP GOING.
  2. You don’t need the gym. All you need is your bodyweight, a yoga mat, a pair of sneakers, and the commitment to make a mental and physical change.
  3. It’s about moving with purpose and understanding that all your strength truly emanates from your core.
  4. (PIIT28) will improve posture and relieve back pain.
  5. Exercise that consumes more oxygen burns more calories!
  6. The more lean muschle you have, the more calories you will be burning overall.
  7. HIIT stimulates production of your human growth hormone (HGH) by anywhere between 400-700% during the first 24 hours after you finish your workout.
  8. HGH is known as the “anti-aging” hormone because the decline of HGH is what drives the aging process and is what makes you look and feel older.
  9. When standing place your feet about hip width apart and slightly bend your knees. Never lock them!
  10. In high plank, your palms should always be under your shoulders, fingers spread in their “power position” so that you can grip the mat confidently.
  11. There is no easy way or short cut when it comes to exercising effectively.
  12. Because muscle is heavier than fat, you may end up weighing more, but looking leaner.
  13. Give your muscles a break so that they can grow.
  14. I am going to guess that you feel stronger, more confident, and INVINCIBLE. THAT is what exercise does to you. It’s not just about the physical changes (though I bet you look like a sexy beast), it’s about how it makes you FEEL!
  15. YOU ARE AMAZING. Because you chose to fight through the pain, because you chose not to quit when you felt like you were going to die, because you chose to pick yourself up after feeling like a failure… you will now be rewarded with this self-created POWER that no one can take away from you.
  16. The only people who are eligible to receive this tank are those who have completed the PIIT28 Challenge in its entirety.
  17. If you love the prograss you’ve seen so far, feel free to do another round of PIIT28 1.0! But this time… go lower in your lunges and go faster in your burpees. Work for speed and performance.
  18. If you want more PIIT, and you want CRAZIER PIIT… just wait. I always have something prepared for you.
  19. For those of you who crave weight lifting, this will satisfy your needs.
  20. Confidence is like a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it gets.

I’ll review the PIIT28 1.0 program when I finish it, I’m currently on day 16. BUT if you just can’t wait to dive in, read all about it here.

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