I got a wide-angle clip lens for my phone.

And now all my photos look like this. I basically wanted to have a better range of capture behind me since I like to travel alone and visit new places by myself, so it’s kind of weird that I’m trying to save a photo from a place with me in it but the picture ends […]

El Salvador Products

59 imágenes con palabras del Diccionario de El Salvador.

59 imágenes con palabras del Diccionario de El Salvador en resolución 1024×512 (perfectas para poner como portada de Facebook): 🙂


The Index for Rapidograph 101.

I’m so excited to share the index for Rapidograph 101, a short video course on how to use and take care of your technical pens. When I started my Engineering career, I had no idea this things existed, no idea how to use them and it was difficult for me to feel comfortable drawing and […]

Civil Engineering Project

Rapidograph 101

I’m creating a short video course on how to use and take care of these gorgeous but complicated technical pens. When I restarted to studying Civil Engineering, I needed to have a functional set of rapidographs. I already had one I bought a lot of years ago, so to make sure they would function when […]


50 por Katherine Montero.

50 es una forma de crecer, es una forma de leerte a ti mismo, es una forma de aprender de alguien más, es una forma de agradecer al mundo por estar con vida por haber creado y para seguir creando. Estoy consciente de lo genial que ha sido en estos años y no quería […]