Paleta de Key Lime Pie con Marshmallow Flameado.

Estoy obsesionada con estas paletas.

Ahorita las paletas rellenas son de los mejores postres que se pueden conseguir en El Salvador. Eso sin contar con el hecho de que refrescan increíblemente cualquier tarde calurosa.

Me han encantado estas paletas por el simple hecho de que tiene muchos sabores a elegir y varias opciones para personalizar.

Sé que he llegado tarde al conocimiento de estas paletas, así que no sé cuándo empezó esta ola de paletas rellenas en el país. Lo que sí sé es que están en varios centros comerciales populares, como Multiplaza, Galerías y San Benito. Y también sé que los lunes, el cubrimiento de chocolate te sale gratis (al menos en Multiplaza).

Para poder comer una de estas exquisiteces, te acercás a una ventanilla y admirás la cantidad de sabores a elegir. Elegís una, luego elegís el tipo cubrimiento y al final, el tipo de complemento. La verdad, ninguno de los 2 últimos pasos son obligatorios pero sí que la experiencia se vuelve más bonita si los hacés.

Hay distintos tipos de paletas: rellenas y sin relleno, con leche o sin leche, rellenas de nutella o de leche condensada o de chocolate o mermelada. Luego están los distintos tipos de cubrimiento que le podés agregar: chocolate blanco, negro y con leche. Y al final, varios tipos de complementos: coco, maní, dulces, galleta, etc. Pero también le podés agregar marshmallow flameado.

Ahora pedí una de Key Lime Pie (pie de limón) con Marshmallow flameado (malvaviscos quemaditos). En el video solo te muestro cómo flamean el marshmallow. Me daba curiosidad porque veo este proceso a cada rato en la tele, en el Masterchef, pero es la primera vez que lo pude ver en vivo, por eso lo grabé. 🙂

No recuerdo exactamente cuánto me costó esta paleta en específico, pero sí sé que el precio empieza en $2.25USD.

La verdad, no sabía tenía conocimiento de la existencias de las paletas rellenas (como siempre, vivo en la luna o en una cueva) así que da por hecho que no me enteré por que yo anduviera buscando alguna paleta en específico. La persona que me las presentó fue Titi. Y si tenés tiempo leyéndome, sabés que ella es la encargada oficial de presentarme los lugares más increíbles para comer. ❤

¡Gracias por ver mi video!

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International Children’s Day.

But only in my country. It’s very funny, I always thought International Children’s Day was a world wide celebration but, at least in Mexico, it’s celebrated in another day. Ha!

I got my International Children’s Day celebration and congratulations. I ate a cheesecake and that’s exactly what I draw today, in my second day using the Wacom. ❤

I could say a lot of things about the cheesecake but since I’m a dessert lover, I don’t think that would give you any kind of new information. Ok, it was yummy and I liked it very much. The bottom was crusty, the middle was soft and the cover was interesting (it looked like jello but it was raspberry jelly).

Instead of judging the cheesecake (which I already did), I’d talk about something that happened to me yesterday when I was buying the Wacom and it has to do with children.

First, you will have to understand me, I wanted this tablet for so long that, in the moment I saw it available for my computer and at a sale I couldn’t refuse, I was doubting if it was too good to be real. I had questions and I wonder if I was taking the right choice since this decision was too sudden to be taken lightly. One thing is to want something, but another different thing is to actually prepare yourself for buying it.

I take my time to buy things because I want them to last.

So, I ask the cashier guy (I guess they have a special name but I can’t come up with one right now, it’s midnight) some things and they I stood up to admire the tablet, if that offer was good for me or not.

But, as you might know, some stores are designed specially to abstract you, to make you feel you’re living a dream and to confirm you’re taking the right decisions.

I started walking out the store and went to walk inside of the mall, asking, debating, studying pros and cons, giving myself reasons to buy or not to buy, seriously, I was winning every argument, I had a great reason to buy it and then, came up with a better reason to not buy it and vice versa. It was a great debate, you should’ve been there.

Then, I realize: I have the resources, I wanted it for so long, I can do it right now and an accessible price, it won’t rip me off and, finally, I’m treating myself. Okay, so, the only thing I needed to know it was the reason for the offer.

If something is too good to be true, it might is.

That was the last question, the definitive one. If it was ruined, fixed or if it had something broken, then I would definitely don’t get it.

I was decided to find out and the last guy who took my questions was busy with another client. This is important.

He told to one of his colleagues to provide me with service and answers. I ask, he told me a reason I was okay with and didn’t affect the state of the tablet, in fact, it assure me it was perfectly fine, I asked for every accessory, and I even ask him to try it to prove me I was buying something it worked.

I take shopping gadgets seriously.

While he was looking for the accessories and getting my box together, the client I mentioned before started talking to me. He told me how good the tablet was and how he got the one with the aqua case (I tried not to show my jealousy because aqua is my favorite color, but black is a pretty color, too. Most of my gadgets are black and silver and I’m fine with all of them matching fancily).

Then, he started mentioning how easier life gets when using a tablet because strokes, lines and other drawing terms I can’t remember, are intuitive drawn with a pencil by hand. And then, he started to mention Photoshop, Illustrator and another program I can’t really remember.

What I want to say is that he had the experience of a tablet and as he was talking, I was thinking I might have took a great decision because all the question I had, he was answering and he didn’t even know me.

Suddenly, he asks me:

-Who are you getting it for? You or your daughter?

No children yet but hopefully in the future!
In the meanwhile, I’ll be keeping giving me gifts because, us, kids of 28 years old, have rights, too!
Happy International Children’s Day!