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My 2019 recap: how I read 2019 stats to create a strategy for 2020.

2019 was a rough year but we made it through, we survived, and if you want to see what happened on this side of the computer, here is my recap: I finally ended up filling my numbers for 2019 on The Social Media Chooser I shared with you months ago. This helped me a lot to understand […]

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5 productos bursátiles de la Bolsa de Valores de El Salvador que pueden contratarse por $100USD.

Hace poco tuve la oportunidad de asistir a una clase financiera en la que mencionaron muchas cosas interesantes sobre Wall Street. Hablaron del riesgo, de los tipos de inversiones, de cómo ajustar tus condiciones para que tu peor escenario sea ganar y de muchas cosas. Sin embargo, muchas eran abstractas y lejanas para mí. No […]

El Salvador Products

59 imágenes con palabras del Diccionario de El Salvador.

59 imágenes con palabras del Diccionario de El Salvador en resolución 1024×512 (perfectas para poner como portada de Facebook): 🙂


The List to Get Noticed v1.4

The List to Get Noticed Online is a list of the real tools a creative will need in their everyday digital life to build a presence online. It helps you the real way. No fancy methods of expensive tools, just real recommendations that make the work. The List to Get Noticed Online is updated until July 2017 […]


The Index for Rapidograph 101.

I’m so excited to share the index for Rapidograph 101, a short video course on how to use and take care of your technical pens. When I started my Engineering career, I had no idea this things existed, no idea how to use them and it was difficult for me to feel comfortable drawing and […]