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Tradiciones chiquitas para una familia chiquita. Segunda parte.

Esta es una actualización para mi artículo del 2010 “Tradiciones chiquitas para una familia chiquita“. Que siguen siendo 3 tradiciones pero, con el pasar de los años, las hemos ido modificando y esta es la forma en las que celebramos el Año Nuevo ahorita.

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Marco Polo helped us improve our communication.

Being two adults, living 4 countries away and having lived apart for 24 years has really messed up our relationship. But since we’re still alive, we want to work on that. My brother started using this app and immediately recommended it to me. We have ourselves on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp… but, somehow, our conversations over […]

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Did you do the challenge with someone else? #TheQueithShow Episode 6

28 Day Reset: 28 day Reset (vegan): From 1 to 10, how likely to do the 28 day reset challenge are you? #TheQueithShow is a homemade serie where I answer the most frequently asked questions on my social media profiles and the most random question that people search to find my blog. […]

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Milestones that made me happy this June 2018.

I’m still waiting for a grade to be published but I’m out of the semester, now! ❤ This was the most dreading semester ever but, at the same time, having survived it feels so rewarding! I’ve been studying since August ’17 non-stop and I really needed a time off to restart myself. I’m trying to […]

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Milestones that made me happy this May 2018

May was wild! To start, this blog turned 10 YEARS OLD! 10 years, can you imagine? I’ve been writing for 10 years and I keep enjoying this so much that I don’t think I’m stopping soon! ❤ My brother came to visit us, too! It was a great mother’s day gift for my mom and […]