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Cómo desarmar un iPod Nano 6G con instrumentos caseros.

¡Hoy abriré mi iPod Nano 6g con instrumentos que tengo en casa! ❤ Mi idea es abrir el iPod para ver qué tiene dentro, limpiarlo un poco y ver si así puedo hacer que la pantalla táctil responda. Así que si querés abrir el iPod para cambiarle la pantalla táctil o la batería, limpiarlo o […]

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0.4x wide angle lens.

I talked with my classmates about the 0.4x wide angle and how I didn’t clearly understand photo math like I said in this post: It seems that I’m looking 0.4x smaller and that’s why I can see a lot of extra footage behind me.


I got a wide-angle clip lens for my phone.

And now all my photos look like this. I basically wanted to have a better range of capture behind me since I like to travel alone and visit new places by myself, so it’s kind of weird that I’m trying to save a photo from a place with me in it but the picture ends […]


International Children’s Day.

But only in my country. It’s very funny, I always thought International Children’s Day was a world wide celebration but, at least in Mexico, it’s celebrated in another day. Ha! I got my International Children’s Day celebration and congratulations. I ate a cheesecake and that’s exactly what I draw today, in my second day using […]