Marco Polo helped us improve our communication.

Being two adults, living 4 countries away and having lived apart for 24 years has really messed up our relationship. But since we’re still alive, we want to work on that. My brother started using this app and immediately recommended it to me. We have ourselves on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp… but, somehow, our conversations over there seemed very professional and distant. That’s not how you communicate with family. With family you share black and whites, good looking and just getting up, happy moments and not so happy ones, but also you do it quick.

Facebook told me to edit my life and share only the greatness.
Instagram told me to work on my photography skills to only share like worthy pictures.
WhatsApp told me to only write what’s important.

What happens to everything in between that makes life so dramatically intense or boring or tedious or frustrating? Is there a digital place where you can share something without pretending to have it altogether? Well, I think we found it. Marco Polo is an app that shares little chunks of your life with the people you care. My brother and I are using it to share those little chunks and understand the other’s life. At the beginning I was trying to find the best light and angle, because that’s what I’m used to. But then I remembered: this is my brother, he will love me with my double chin and my greasy face!

So, I started sending him Polos waking up, after shower, before my eye surgery, after my eye surgery looking like a mummy, with a messy bun, with my messy waves, after yoga, after class, after swimming, etc. This app gave me the liberty to show my brother my unfiltered life so he can know me better. We talk about what’s important and what’s not, we talk about what matters to each one of us and what doesn’t, we talk about what we’re doing and what we’re about to, just as he was right by my side.

One of the things that I entirely loved when he came home was one night. I needed to study for my Applied Geology lab and he needed to do some things on his phone. So, we were together in the living room but we were respecting the other’s activity. We wanted to be together but we wanted to respect’s the others time. And with Marco Polo I feel the same. He can talk to me and I can catch him live or I can wait until I have a little break to watch his message. And as our updates are quick, I know we’re respecting each other’s time.

Marco Polo is like a video walkie talkie. You press a button, record yourself and your message, and press a button to finish. And that’s it. It’s not complicated.

I started using it, besides of my brother’s recommendation, because it was an editor’s election (it’s a reviewed app by Google) and has a lot of downloads in the Google Play. But I have to recognize I have never ever heard about it before my brother brought it up. Not even in the most popular tech zines in Latin America. The only thing I was scared of was the storage space. Not like super scared, though, because Titi gave me a phone with 16GB space. But since these were videos, I started to feel like I was going to use all of the storage really soon. But after one day of using it, Marco Polo just shows a little gif in your phone and the real video is in their servers, not your phone, so nothing to worry about storage.

We have like 2 weeks or so of using Marco Polo and I feel like these 2 weeks have been the turning point of our brother-sister relationship, like, for real. We had a little talk when he came home back in May but that approach was just the beginning, we needed to nurture it and with Marco Polo we are definitely doing it.

The process of using it is really simple, just press “Start” and record yourself. When you’re done, press “Finish”. And that’s it.
The process of creating an account is not that complicated, either. You just have to be careful at the moment of “sharing your contacts” because it will try to spam your list. To avoid this just do not share your contacts and that’s it. What am I trying to say here is: read what appears on your screen and only share your camera and microphone. You will respect your contacts this way.

Oh, and also you can create groups. So if you have more brothers and sisters, or your best friends, or your friends from childhood, or I don’t know, you can send them little chunks of your life, too. I’m about to create the family group so we can all feel closer than ever.

I hope you find this app useful and it helps you like it did with us.



International Children’s Day.

But only in my country. It’s very funny, I always thought International Children’s Day was a world wide celebration but, at least in Mexico, it’s celebrated in another day. Ha!

I got my International Children’s Day celebration and congratulations. I ate a cheesecake and that’s exactly what I draw today, in my second day using the Wacom. ❤

I could say a lot of things about the cheesecake but since I’m a dessert lover, I don’t think that would give you any kind of new information. Ok, it was yummy and I liked it very much. The bottom was crusty, the middle was soft and the cover was interesting (it looked like jello but it was raspberry jelly).

Instead of judging the cheesecake (which I already did), I’d talk about something that happened to me yesterday when I was buying the Wacom and it has to do with children.

First, you will have to understand me, I wanted this tablet for so long that, in the moment I saw it available for my computer and at a sale I couldn’t refuse, I was doubting if it was too good to be real. I had questions and I wonder if I was taking the right choice since this decision was too sudden to be taken lightly. One thing is to want something, but another different thing is to actually prepare yourself for buying it.

I take my time to buy things because I want them to last.

So, I ask the cashier guy (I guess they have a special name but I can’t come up with one right now, it’s midnight) some things and they I stood up to admire the tablet, if that offer was good for me or not.

But, as you might know, some stores are designed specially to abstract you, to make you feel you’re living a dream and to confirm you’re taking the right decisions.

I started walking out the store and went to walk inside of the mall, asking, debating, studying pros and cons, giving myself reasons to buy or not to buy, seriously, I was winning every argument, I had a great reason to buy it and then, came up with a better reason to not buy it and vice versa. It was a great debate, you should’ve been there.

Then, I realize: I have the resources, I wanted it for so long, I can do it right now and an accessible price, it won’t rip me off and, finally, I’m treating myself. Okay, so, the only thing I needed to know it was the reason for the offer.

If something is too good to be true, it might is.

That was the last question, the definitive one. If it was ruined, fixed or if it had something broken, then I would definitely don’t get it.

I was decided to find out and the last guy who took my questions was busy with another client. This is important.

He told to one of his colleagues to provide me with service and answers. I ask, he told me a reason I was okay with and didn’t affect the state of the tablet, in fact, it assure me it was perfectly fine, I asked for every accessory, and I even ask him to try it to prove me I was buying something it worked.

I take shopping gadgets seriously.

While he was looking for the accessories and getting my box together, the client I mentioned before started talking to me. He told me how good the tablet was and how he got the one with the aqua case (I tried not to show my jealousy because aqua is my favorite color, but black is a pretty color, too. Most of my gadgets are black and silver and I’m fine with all of them matching fancily).

Then, he started mentioning how easier life gets when using a tablet because strokes, lines and other drawing terms I can’t remember, are intuitive drawn with a pencil by hand. And then, he started to mention Photoshop, Illustrator and another program I can’t really remember.

What I want to say is that he had the experience of a tablet and as he was talking, I was thinking I might have took a great decision because all the question I had, he was answering and he didn’t even know me.

Suddenly, he asks me:

-Who are you getting it for? You or your daughter?

No children yet but hopefully in the future!
In the meanwhile, I’ll be keeping giving me gifts because, us, kids of 28 years old, have rights, too!
Happy International Children’s Day!