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Entrada sin gluten: torre de antipasto.

¡Ayer fue la boda de Tato y Sami! Tuve la grandiosa oportunidad de acompañarlos a celebrar su amor y, en dentro de esa celebración había mucha comida, postres, flores, baile, fiesta y amigos. Me la pasé increíble, claro está, ¡me duelen los pies de tanto bailar! Pero hoy no te voy a platicar de cómo […]

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Marco Polo helped us improve our communication.

Being two adults, living 4 countries away and having lived apart for 24 years has really messed up our relationship. But since we’re still alive, we want to work on that. My brother started using this app and immediately recommended it to me. We have ourselves on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp… but, somehow, our conversations over […]


International Children’s Day.

But only in my country. It’s very funny, I always thought International Children’s Day was a world wide celebration but, at least in Mexico, it’s celebrated in another day. Ha! I got my International Children’s Day celebration and congratulations. I ate a cheesecake and that’s exactly what I draw today, in my second day using […]


I got my first tablet.

I’ve been wanting to own one since 2012 and finally got one. ❤ I got the Wacom Intuos Photo. Basically, what tricked me was it was on sale, haha! After so many years, I got it. But the most funny part is that when I noticed it was on sale, I debated myself for 2 […]