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La bolita corresponde a lo que sería una espinilla, es pus, que mi cuerpo encapsuló para que no se riegue y me dé una enfermedad con m en la que se me infecte el canal que conecta los ojos y el cerebro y no me muera. Es necesario sacarla con una cirugía. La inflamación, ardor […]


My challazion is back.

My charllazion is back. I hope I didn’t have to talk about this but since it came back, I think I’d had to deal with it longer than I thought. Back in October of 2017, I told my classmates I’ve found a weird little ball in my eyelid. I thought it was acne (?). They […]

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Milestones that made me happy this June 2018.

I’m still waiting for a grade to be published but I’m out of the semester, now! ❤ This was the most dreading semester ever but, at the same time, having survived it feels so rewarding! I’ve been studying since August ’17 non-stop and I really needed a time off to restart myself. I’m trying to […]