Cómo desarmar un iPod Nano 6G con instrumentos caseros.

¡Hoy abriré mi iPod Nano 6g con instrumentos que tengo en casa! ❤

Mi idea es abrir el iPod para ver qué tiene dentro, limpiarlo un poco y ver si así puedo hacer que la pantalla táctil responda. Así que si querés abrir el iPod para cambiarle la pantalla táctil o la batería, limpiarlo o simplemente ver qué trae por dentro, este es el tutorial que deberías de seguir.

Necesitarás una pistola para cabello, un cuchillo y te recomiendo tener un poco largas las uñas. 🙂

En este tutorial no gastarás nada de dinero, solamente te llevará como 40 minutos a una hora abrir y armar el iPod.

Sin embargo, si necesitas cambiar la pantalla táctil, necesitas comprar una, su precio ronda los $50USD y tendrías que mandarla a pedir al extranjero.

Espero que este pequeño tutorial te ayude a abrir y cerrar tu iPod Nano 6g con herramientas que ya tienes en casa. ❤

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Cómo documentar tus días en video de forma fácil con 1 Second Every Day.

¡Ya tengo la oportunidad de seguir creando mis videos recopilatorios mientras utilizo el material que tomo con en el teléfono de forma fácil! Verás, antes solía hacer esto cada mes con una aplicación de mi Nokia. Cada mes hacía un videito con las fotografías más significativas y escribía un pequeño resumen. Aunque la idea es la misma, el tiempo que tengo ahora es más limitado, así que pensé que hacer un resumen cada año estaría bien.

La aplicación que usaba en el Nokia ya no existe. Hace mucho que Nokia la mató. Y ahora uso Android. Así que recordé que cuando trabajaba en Gadgets Girls estudié y escribí sobre esta aplicación que recopila un segundo al día: 1 Second Every Day.

¿Por qué me acordé de esta aplicación? Uff, imagínate que escribí de ella en Diciembre del 2012. ¡Hace 7 años! Pero resulta que hace poco cumplí años y pensé que sería buena idea grabarme un minuto al día y después recopilar los minutos de todo un año y hacer un video. En realidad es una buena idea, lo único malo es que no tengo paciencia para editar un video de 365 minutos y no tengo un Internet que me permita subir semejante video.

Fue entonces que recordé 1 Second Every Day. Ahora ya tiene la versión para Android y iOS. Así que a pesar de los comentarios negativos en la Play Store, la descargué. Y ya que ahora tiene la opción de importar videos que ya tienes en tu dispositivo, pude poner a prueba la aplicación antes que pasara un año.

Los comentarios negativos decían que la aplicación no compilaba el video recopilando los segundos de tus días. Yo puse todos los segundos en los días que tenía disponibles con el material de mi teléfono y, como puedes ver arriba, sí se pudo compilar el video. Es por eso que hice mi resumen desde Diciembre de 2017 hasta Diciembre de 2018. 🙂

Quería hacerlo por años cumplidos, es decir un video por mis 29 años y el siguiente por mis 30 años, etc. Pero por el momento, iré con los años del calendario en lugar de los míos. ❤

Y, nada, te cuento por si querías hacer algo con todos los videitos que tenés en tu celular o si tenías ganas de documentar algo en especial cada día, esta aplicación gratuita creo que nos puede ayudar a ti y a mí.

¡Te leo pronto!


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0.4x wide angle lens.

I talked with my classmates about the 0.4x wide angle and how I didn’t clearly understand photo math like I said in this post: https://queith.net/2018/10/02/i-got-a-wide-angle-clip-lens-for-my-phone/

It seems that I’m looking 0.4x smaller and that’s why I can see a lot of extra footage behind me.

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Marco Polo helped us improve our communication.

Being two adults, living 4 countries away and having lived apart for 24 years has really messed up our relationship. But since we’re still alive, we want to work on that. My brother started using this app and immediately recommended it to me. We have ourselves on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp… but, somehow, our conversations over there seemed very professional and distant. That’s not how you communicate with family. With family you share black and whites, good looking and just getting up, happy moments and not so happy ones, but also you do it quick.

Facebook told me to edit my life and share only the greatness.
Instagram told me to work on my photography skills to only share like worthy pictures.
WhatsApp told me to only write what’s important.

What happens to everything in between that makes life so dramatically intense or boring or tedious or frustrating? Is there a digital place where you can share something without pretending to have it altogether? Well, I think we found it. Marco Polo is an app that shares little chunks of your life with the people you care. My brother and I are using it to share those little chunks and understand the other’s life. At the beginning I was trying to find the best light and angle, because that’s what I’m used to. But then I remembered: this is my brother, he will love me with my double chin and my greasy face!

So, I started sending him Polos waking up, after shower, before my eye surgery, after my eye surgery looking like a mummy, with a messy bun, with my messy waves, after yoga, after class, after swimming, etc. This app gave me the liberty to show my brother my unfiltered life so he can know me better. We talk about what’s important and what’s not, we talk about what matters to each one of us and what doesn’t, we talk about what we’re doing and what we’re about to, just as he was right by my side.

One of the things that I entirely loved when he came home was one night. I needed to study for my Applied Geology lab and he needed to do some things on his phone. So, we were together in the living room but we were respecting the other’s activity. We wanted to be together but we wanted to respect’s the others time. And with Marco Polo I feel the same. He can talk to me and I can catch him live or I can wait until I have a little break to watch his message. And as our updates are quick, I know we’re respecting each other’s time.

Marco Polo is like a video walkie talkie. You press a button, record yourself and your message, and press a button to finish. And that’s it. It’s not complicated.

I started using it, besides of my brother’s recommendation, because it was an editor’s election (it’s a reviewed app by Google) and has a lot of downloads in the Google Play. But I have to recognize I have never ever heard about it before my brother brought it up. Not even in the most popular tech zines in Latin America. The only thing I was scared of was the storage space. Not like super scared, though, because Titi gave me a phone with 16GB space. But since these were videos, I started to feel like I was going to use all of the storage really soon. But after one day of using it, Marco Polo just shows a little gif in your phone and the real video is in their servers, not your phone, so nothing to worry about storage.

We have like 2 weeks or so of using Marco Polo and I feel like these 2 weeks have been the turning point of our brother-sister relationship, like, for real. We had a little talk when he came home back in May but that approach was just the beginning, we needed to nurture it and with Marco Polo we are definitely doing it.

The process of using it is really simple, just press “Start” and record yourself. When you’re done, press “Finish”. And that’s it.
The process of creating an account is not that complicated, either. You just have to be careful at the moment of “sharing your contacts” because it will try to spam your list. To avoid this just do not share your contacts and that’s it. What am I trying to say here is: read what appears on your screen and only share your camera and microphone. You will respect your contacts this way.

Oh, and also you can create groups. So if you have more brothers and sisters, or your best friends, or your friends from childhood, or I don’t know, you can send them little chunks of your life, too. I’m about to create the family group so we can all feel closer than ever.

I hope you find this app useful and it helps you like it did with us.


Milestones that made me happy this May 2018

May was wild! To start, this blog turned 10 YEARS OLD! 10 years, can you imagine? I’ve been writing for 10 years and I keep enjoying this so much that I don’t think I’m stopping soon! ❤

My brother came to visit us, too! It was a great mother’s day gift for my mom and our family worked what we had pending. We updated our family photo after 24 years and I got to understand what having a brother means. He went far away when I was 4 years, so I always knew I had a brother but I haven’t had the chance to experience what having a brother means. Thank God I could live that!

Do you know what my favorite night as siblings was? The night where I was working in the living room on my Applied Geology reports, I was doing calculations with my notebook and writing all data on my Mac… next to me, was my brother, he had his audiophones and he was doing stuff on his phone. We were together but we were doing our things, he respected my activities so much, I respected his privacy so much but we wanted to be together that night. That felt amazing. ❤

And, of course, we had a lot of talks, laughs, hugs and stuff, we talked so much that he even advised me to start doing live transmissions. After a while to consider pros and cons, I’m thinking of giving it a shot! I’m a little nervous but also excited.

Last but not least, my semester is coming to and end and I must confess this semester’s strategy SUCKED BIG TIME! I’m saving everything in the next couple of weeks. I’m so stressed and I have something due every single day from now on!

Anyways, that’s not the best paragraph ever but that’s my May! ❤

300 followers on Tumblr!

I think there’s a lot of people over here considering my Tumblr feeds from my other profiles! I’m forever grateful you want to keep in touch with me through my Tumblr! If you decide to subscribe, you’re getting my most recent photos and my most recent posts! ❤

10 years of writing my blog!

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I know I already mentioned it but it is such a great number of weeks writing posts! I had no idea what was going to happen when I opened my blog but I knew I wanted to give it a try. And here I am, 10 years later still creating content and ideas to keep writing every week! ❤

Even though my priorities have change, I still have that thing in the back of my mind that I need to publish something on my blog. And I’ve found a way to keep updating it while having a healthy balance in my life outside the computer.

That’s a thing that took me years to understand, even though documenting your life is very important, specially if you’re trying to build something cool, what’s more important is to actually live your life and being responsible with your commitments.

I opened a Twitch account!


Not a milestone per sè but as it’s my 10 year anniversary with my blog and I’m a big cycle believer, I thought I should give it a try!

See, 10 years ago my brother gave me a computer, its name was Lalo, and that computer had a program which had a blog option and I started blogging. 10 years later, almost same story, except I’m better at managing my time and sleep schedule, haha! ❤

I’m planning to play video games that I like and chat a little bit with you, guys, since it seems I can’t have a reunion with every single one of you, how about a reunion with all of you! I think it will be interesting and, also, you’ll help me get my golden trophy at Plants vs Zombies, haha! ❤

That’s it for May, let’s see what happens on June, yo!