Esto es lo que estoy probando para hacer crecer mi blog. Segunda Parte.

Hoy te comparto cómo estoy usando las etiquetas o tags en WordPress para hacer crecer mi blog. Esto, a diferencia de lo que te compartí ayer, te ayuda a llegar a personas que están interesadas en los temas que compartís pero que aún no saben de ti.

Con estos dos videos tienes lo mejor de dos mundos.

Con el video 1 llegas a las personas que ya están interesadas en ti y les ofreces un nuevo medio para que te conozcan. Video 1 aquí: Esto es lo que estoy probando para hacer crecer mi blog.

Con el video 2 llegas a las personas que ya están interesadas en el tema que compartes y te presentas con ellas para que te conozcan. Video 2 arriba.

Al igual que ayer, es un método que funciona pero es lento y es de tener paciencia. Mi parámetro es que con cada artículo sé que puedo llegar a 1 persona más. 🙂

¡Por cierto! Creo que no quedó muy claro dónde busco las etiquetas más populares de WordPress para que acompañen a mis artículos. Es aquí: Etiquetas Más Populares de WordPress.

Espero que te guste mucho el video de hoy y que te ayude a mejorar la forma en la que clasificas tu contenido.

Mi pregunta del día es: ¿Cuál es el tema principal de tu blog?

¡Un abrazo!


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Ebook: Lo que funciona es hacerlo todo al revés.

Llamé al ebook: “Lo que funciona es hacerlo al revés” y trata básicamente sobre lo que te dicen que tenés que hacer para tener un blog que funcione contrastado con mi experiencia de tener un blog que funciona. Contiene las 10 mentiras que te dicen sobre abrir un blog y las 10 respuestas perfectas para solucionarlo.

El archivo es un .pdf, tiene 20 diapositivas fáciles de leer y cuando terminés de leerlo, vas a cambiar la perspectiva que tenías sobre el blogging o sobre tu propio blog.

Puedes descargar inmediatamente Lo que funciona es hacerlo al revés: las 10 mentiras que te dicen sobre abrir un blog y las 10 respuestas perfectas para solucionarlo en este enlace.

Milestones that made me happy this June 2018.

I’m still waiting for a grade to be published but I’m out of the semester, now! ❤ This was the most dreading semester ever but, at the same time, having survived it feels so rewarding! I’ve been studying since August ’17 non-stop and I really needed a time off to restart myself. I’m trying to wake up early but without the need of an alarm, I’m cultivating myself in things that are not University related but I’m working every day and also, I’m taking care of myself, specially, of my eye condition.

I had a surgery on June. Funny thing is, I went to the ophthalmologist because I wanted a general review. In that review, she found some dangerous capsules in my eyes that needed to me taken out immediately, or else I would die (her actual words). I was so scared because I have never had a surgery of any kind before. I was alone. My battery was at 3%, I couldn’t even talk to my family and tell them what was going on.

I went to the waiting room and thank God, one of my friends reached me to ask what was going on and he took care of telling my family what was happening. I received a call to the doctor’s office from my family and everything about my transportation home after  the surgery was ready.

So, I went in the surgery room by myself and I was so nervous. The doctor injected me painkiller and then started working. I got really worried when he was scared to see what my eye had. But more than worried, I was sad. I was sad to myself. Because I always thought it was a matter of sleeping more and rest and don’t be in front of the computer that much time, but it seems I had a big infection in both of my eyelids and those capsules in my right eye. I was sad because I misunderstood all those symptoms and thought that “sleeping later” will take care of it.

After a lot of time (I didn’t even have my phone to see how long it took the operation), I looked like a pirate, went to the pharmacy to buy my medicine and went home to thank God for His Mercy and to sleep.

I started taking the pills and putting the drops and being very disciplined about it. The very next week, I had another consultation and it seems that my scar was closing pretty and my infection was dropped down! I’m having a new consultation next week. I hope my infection is getting more defeated than last time!

I’m pretty happy I survived all of this, I’m beyond grateful to God for allowing me to be here after all this time carrying with those capsules and infection in my eyes, anything could have went wrong but it didn’t because He didn’t want to. And here I am, still, working as hard and as smart as I can but with the extra care and attention that my body needs.

I don’t know about you but I really feel that that was a great milestone this June and quite a dangerous adventure, to be honest!

But also I had one milestone in my digital life. While I was looking like a pirate without actually being able to connect to my computer, YOU helped me achieved a new milestone!

+400 subscribers on WordPress!

You guys, I cannot believe this! We are +400 people here in my little corner of the Internet. Thank you so much for deciding to be here and subscribing and reading! I know there are a gazillion sites over there and the fact that you have actually decided consciously to join my little one fills my heart with joy! Thank you so much for being here! ❤

And if you’re not here yet, I invite you to join on this little box:

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Milestones that made me happy this May 2018

May was wild! To start, this blog turned 10 YEARS OLD! 10 years, can you imagine? I’ve been writing for 10 years and I keep enjoying this so much that I don’t think I’m stopping soon! ❤

My brother came to visit us, too! It was a great mother’s day gift for my mom and our family worked what we had pending. We updated our family photo after 24 years and I got to understand what having a brother means. He went far away when I was 4 years, so I always knew I had a brother but I haven’t had the chance to experience what having a brother means. Thank God I could live that!

Do you know what my favorite night as siblings was? The night where I was working in the living room on my Applied Geology reports, I was doing calculations with my notebook and writing all data on my Mac… next to me, was my brother, he had his audiophones and he was doing stuff on his phone. We were together but we were doing our things, he respected my activities so much, I respected his privacy so much but we wanted to be together that night. That felt amazing. ❤

And, of course, we had a lot of talks, laughs, hugs and stuff, we talked so much that he even advised me to start doing live transmissions. After a while to consider pros and cons, I’m thinking of giving it a shot! I’m a little nervous but also excited.

Last but not least, my semester is coming to and end and I must confess this semester’s strategy SUCKED BIG TIME! I’m saving everything in the next couple of weeks. I’m so stressed and I have something due every single day from now on!

Anyways, that’s not the best paragraph ever but that’s my May! ❤

300 followers on Tumblr!

I think there’s a lot of people over here considering my Tumblr feeds from my other profiles! I’m forever grateful you want to keep in touch with me through my Tumblr! If you decide to subscribe, you’re getting my most recent photos and my most recent posts! ❤

10 years of writing my blog!

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I know I already mentioned it but it is such a great number of weeks writing posts! I had no idea what was going to happen when I opened my blog but I knew I wanted to give it a try. And here I am, 10 years later still creating content and ideas to keep writing every week! ❤

Even though my priorities have change, I still have that thing in the back of my mind that I need to publish something on my blog. And I’ve found a way to keep updating it while having a healthy balance in my life outside the computer.

That’s a thing that took me years to understand, even though documenting your life is very important, specially if you’re trying to build something cool, what’s more important is to actually live your life and being responsible with your commitments.

I opened a Twitch account!

Not a milestone per sè but as it’s my 10 year anniversary with my blog and I’m a big cycle believer, I thought I should give it a try!

See, 10 years ago my brother gave me a computer, its name was Lalo, and that computer had a program which had a blog option and I started blogging. 10 years later, almost same story, except I’m better at managing my time and sleep schedule, haha! ❤

I’m planning to play video games that I like and chat a little bit with you, guys, since it seems I can’t have a reunion with every single one of you, how about a reunion with all of you! I think it will be interesting and, also, you’ll help me get my golden trophy at Plants vs Zombies, haha! ❤

That’s it for May, let’s see what happens on June, yo!

WordPress Tutorial: How to Create a Multilingual Site

There are three different ways you can set up your website if you have content in multiple languages.

One site, one post.

When you write a post, do the first half in one language, then, at the bottom of the post, write it in the other language. Anyone reading your site just knows it needs to scroll. You can also add a page jump so your readers can skip ahead to their language.

One site, two posts.

You can have one site with different posts and pages with the same content in different languages. When you write a post, write it in one language, then create a new post and write it in a second language. You can add categories to your posts to organize them. You can also have a link on each post or page to send people to the same content in the other language. Then, create a menu to link to your other language. You can use custom menus to make it easier for your readers to find all the posts in each language. Create or edit a custom menu or add an element to your menu linking to your category for your other language.

Two sites, two posts.

Create two sites using the same theme. You can use two different domains names or set up a subdomain of the main domain. You can use custom menus to crosslink your sites. Add a custom link to each menu that links to your other site so visitors can switch to a language easily. Set one site’s language to the first language in which you write and the other to the second language. Each time you write a post, write it twice. Once in language number one in site number one, and again in language two on site number two. Your followers can subscribe to one site or both, and your post will appear in the tag section in the Reader for each site’s language.


To start your website, you just need to create your WordPress account here:

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