Rapidograph 101

I’m creating a short video course on how to use and take care of these gorgeous but complicated technical pens.

When I restarted to studying Civil Engineering, I needed to have a functional set of rapidographs. I already had one I bought a lot of years ago, so to make sure they would function when I needed them to, I gave them general maintenance.

They were like new and I saved a lot of money by not getting a new set!

I want to share what I did with my rapidographs to make them work even though I stopped using them for years so you can clean yours and keep creating your work or art. ❤

I’ll launch this short video course on April 2017!

If you want me to keep you posted, follow my journey over here. You’ll be the first one to know when it’s ready! 😉

I still don’t want to reveal many details about it just yet but if one thing I can promise you is it doesn’t matter how long you stopped using these, they will work if you follow this short video course!

The benefit I have experienced of using this very method is I saved a lot of money by taking care of them myself instead of throwing them away and buying a new set.

If you’re an artist, engineering student or architect student you definitely need to know how to take care of all your tools. ❤ And these rapidographs are a very tricky tool!

I hope you found this method as useful as it has been useful for me all these years!

Here I go! 🙂

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¿Qué pasaría si escribo mi blog en inglés por todo un año? RESULTADOS

Hay una cosa que se llama curiosidad que, si no te respondés las preguntas que tenés en la cabeza, te va a estar carcomiendo toda la vida y eso es lo que yo he ganado al final de todo este año, que me respondí una de las preguntas que yo tenía. ¿Qué pasaría si escribo en mi blog en inglés por todo un año? Ahora ya lo sé, ya sé qué pasaría. Ahora ya tengo respuestas, eso es lo que pasó en el 2016.

01:25 Creé una pequeña comunidad de lectores en inglés de +200 personas.
02:29 Mejoré mucho mi escritura en inglés.
04:50 Participé en #VEDA los meses de Abril y Agosto.
06:50 Descubrí que la videoproducción no es fácil.
08:00 Descubrí que me gustaría seguir creando videos pero no diariamente.
08:41 Le perdí un poco de miedo a YouTube.
09:27 Entré en desesperación y usé una estrategia de la que no me siento orgullosa.
11:27 Empecé a estudiar lo que otras personas escribían de los temas en los que yo participaba.
11:59 Seguí los blogs de personas que escribían sobre lo que yo escribía..
18:03 Noté que las entradas personales y familiares son bien recibidas en el idioma inglés.
21:50 Planteé una solución para mantener las dos audiencias el siguiente año.
23:21 Reconsideré la solución que había planteado para mantener las dos audiencias al ver las estadísticas.
23:47 Reconocí la respuesta que había arrojado mi experimento de un año.
25:02 Comparé las visitas anuales de mi blog.
25:55 Proyecté un escenario donde sigo publicando en inglés con las tendencias que tengo del crecimiento de las visitas en español.
27:25 Veredicto.
29:38 Conclusión final.


Never ending journey.

I met the most famous kombi in America and its owners when they arrived to my city!

Never Ending Journey is the name of the project two argentinians started back in 2013. The goal was to travel from Argentina to Alaska in the yellow kombi named Aurora.

I had the honor to meet them in the independence day of my country!

They’d just arrived and were resting in a hostel close to Galerías Mall. It was a little of a mess to get there because the avenue in front of Galerías is one of the main avenues where parades happen on the Independence day and all of the public transportation who, normally, goes to Galerías decides to skip those bus stops that day.

But when we met, I gave them a big hug and we went for coffee. I mean, I didn’t know them until that very day, but it was just a happy meeting with people who are true with themselves and left everything but their kombi to start a never ending journey so my traveling heart needed to connect with them.

We had a little conversation about blogs and social media and I’m really happy to know they ended up opening their instagram account!

I’m really happy they made it to Alaska! But I’m more than happy that they traveled +1000 days to get it! 4 years is a lot and a lot of memories and pictures must be in their memories (organic and digital).

Now, they will take it slow and spend their fall in Canada and their winter in California. And it’s more than deserved, Aurorita made a great job by moving them from the South Pole to the North Pole, she deserves a vacation of her own!