N Chocolate Lounge 🍫

After so long, I went to N Chocolate Lounge again to celebrate my mom’s birthday. 🎂 I thought it was a good idea since it has a variety of desserts and also they offer normal food besides desserts. In a birthday is expected to eat… Read More


Home upgrading

Now that I’ve prooved my intention with Civil Engineering is long-lasting, I’ve been granted to have more voice in the house decisions. It’s a gift and a responsability. I know that you know that as a Civil Engineer, decorating the houses won’t be one of… Read More


Single moms, I’m coming for you.

It’s written in my heart the desire to help single moms with my career. I knew I wanted to build houses that could survive an earthquake since I was 11. I started a journey to specialize in the studies of soils because that’s what I… Read More